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An Analysis of Li-Fi based Prevalent Automated Billing Systems in Shopping Malls


Aim:          Aim of the project is IoT based automated billing machine for shopping malls. This over all process is controlled by cloud (IoT). Aim of this IoT section is reducing main computer process and logic convertor.Introduction:           ..

An IoT-based Sag Monitoring System for Overhead Transmission Lines


Aim:          Aim of this project is automatic transmission line stand fall detection and power monitoring system in agriculture field. Introduction:           This paper is proposed energy monitoring and transmission line stand fall detecting sys..

CNN Based Object Recognition and Tracking System to Assist Visually Impaired People


       Visually impaired persons (VIPs) comprise a significant portion of the population, and they are present around the globe and in every part of the world. In recent times, technology proved its presence in every domain, and innovative devices assist humans in their daily lives. In this work, a smart and intell..

EYERIS_ A Virtual Eye to Aid the Visually Impaired


Aim:Aim of this project is to develop a personal assistant system for deaf-blind people to help identify faces of people and objects in terms of Morse code.Synopsis:          In the era of artificial intelligence lot of object and face detection devices are available for visually impaired people. Whe..

IBGS A Wearable Smart System to Assist Visually Challenged


Aim:          The Main Objective of the project is to build an assist device for visually impaired people with deep learning algorithm, fall detection and payment option will be the part of the system. Abstract:         At present, screen free interactive device..

Low-Cost CNN for Automatic Violence Recognition on Embedded System


Aim:           The main aim of the project is to auto detect any violence action in public place and send alert notification in IoT. We use deep learning and embedded to implement. Abstract:             Due to the increasing number of vio..

Raspberry Pi Based Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using CNN


Aim:                   The aim of the project is will develop the Internet of Things (IoT) and deep Learning in the field of Road Safety and accident prevention. Abstract               Thi..

Smart Security Device for Women Based on IoT


ObjectiveAim of this project is to develop an ESP32 based wearable women security system using IoT.Introduction                     In the present situation, because of their family situation and passion women need to take every step equal to men.  But they cannot ste..

Social Engineering and Prototype Awareness Enhancing During International Coronavirus Outbreak


Aim:          The main of this project is ADXL335 based awareness approaching system from covid19 virus for people. Abstract:           Coronavirus is the new virus that has not been identified in humans before which it causes the coronavirus di..

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