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An IoT-Model for Monitoring Irrigated Crops


Aim:          The main goal of our project is to develop a smart farming society using IoT in low cost and with more production values.Abstract:          With the increase in the demands and if you are struggling to ensure efficiency in how you use water in..

Analysis of Smart helmets and Designing an IoT based Smart helmet: A cost effective solution for Riders


Aim:                   Aim of this project is IoT based Interactive Road Safety System for Young Bikers With help of GPS and IoT sharing information to the mobile app. Introduction:        &..

Application of IoT and Artificial Intelligence in Road Safety


Aim:               This paper explores the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning in the field of Road Safety and accident prevention with a state of the art review of various techniques adopted for implementing an intelligent road Safety System.Abstract..

Automated Facemask Detection and Monitoring of Body Temperature using IoT Enabled Smart Door


Aim:          The aim of the project is to develop a contactless automated system with IoT for employees to control door access with help of machine vision process and embedded systemAbstract:The Face Mask Detection can be done using the YOLO algorithm to classify facial masks using a deep learning sys..

Biobin For Safe Handling And Disposing Of Biomedical Waste During Covid '19


Objective:             Aim of the project is to build a movable smart dustbin to help COVID affected patients which can be controlled by android application. Abstract:           The world’s most populous country is India which faces a major proble..

Biometric Based Smart ATM Using RFID


Aim:           The aim of the project is RFID and finger print sensor based ATM system for high secured money transaction. This system is authentication based third person allow to access technology.  Abstract:              An..

Camera and Biometric based Vehicle Monitoring System for Public Safety


Aim:            Aim of the project is to build a vehicle authentication system for public safety using AI and IoT features.Synopsis:          Most of the times vehicles used in the crime would be a stolen one. To avoid such thefts, we need to inc..

CNN Based Object Recognition and Tracking System to Assist Visually Impaired People


       Visually impaired persons (VIPs) comprise a significant portion of the population, and they are present around the globe and in every part of the world. In recent times, technology proved its presence in every domain, and innovative devices assist humans in their daily lives. In this work, a smart and intell..

Design and Implementation of a Wearable Sensor Network System for IoT-Connected Safety and Health Applications


Aim:            Aim of the project is to build a system to monitor the vital signs of workers who working underground like Tunnels or Mines.Introduction:            The construction of underground tunnels, shafts, chambers, and passageways ..

Design and Implementation of Portable Smart Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Control System


Aim:            To improve the Pedestrian detection rate and the localization accuracy using Cascade Compact CNN.Synopsis:           Pedestrian detection has made significant advances benefiting from the region-based convolutional neural networks (..

Design and Implementation of Smart Hospital using IoT


Objective             The aim of this system is to monitor the patient’s health and early discovery of disease helps the doctors to move on to further treatment of patient.  This reduces the cost and time of the patient.Abstract         &nb..

Design of an Intelligent Bracelet Based On IOT and LORA Protocol to Identify New COVID-19 Contact Cases


Objective             Our main function is to create a wireless network to notify the patient with omicron and alert the public around the newly identified patient’s location. Abstract              COVID-19 has rapidly spread global..

Design of Visual Navigation System of Farmland Tracked Robot Based on Raspberry Pi


Aim: Aim of this project is to build a visual navigation system for farmland tracked robot based on raspberry pi and to detect the plant leaf diseases using convolutional neural network .Introduction:   Usage of robots in agriculture increases rapidly with the development of IoT technology. In agriculture field robots are used for va..

Design of Wearable Device for Child Safety


Objective          Aim of the project is to develop a wearable device for Child safety within a child care environment such as playschool or any other educational institutions. This device should be able to track the location of students by teacher or care take with the help of sensor nodes installed wit..

Development and Analysis of Pothole detection and Alert based on Node MCU


Aim:          The aim of this project is to detect pothole in the road and create the database. This record of potholes will help the road maintenance department to locate these bad roads. This can help to make maintenance work faster. Abstract:        &nb..

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