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Development of Contactless Employee Management System with Mask Detection and Body Temperature Measurement using TensorFlow


Objective              Aim of the project is to build a smart employee management system which should be contactless, able to perform mask detection, body temperature detection and contain sanitizer dispensing unit. Abstract         CoVID-19 pandemic s..

Development of IoT Based Logistic Vehicle Maintenance System


Objective:              The aim of this project is to build a heavy vehicle monitoring system which is used to monitor the parts of heavy vehicles like engine temperature, fuel level, carbon emission, cabin environment, radiator etc.  The monitoring system is done by android app.&nbs..

ET-based Irrigation System with Automated Bird Deterrent System


Aim:            Aim of the project is to build a small and portable bird classification device to monitor and survey migration birds in sanctuaries with the help of AI and IoT.Synopsis:             The monitoring of birds has a widesprea..

EYERIS_ A Virtual Eye to Aid the Visually Impaired


Aim:Aim of this project is to develop a personal assistant system for deaf-blind people to help identify faces of people and objects in terms of Morse code.Synopsis:          In the era of artificial intelligence lot of object and face detection devices are available for visually impaired people. Whe..

GLOS: GLOve for Speech Recognition


Aim:                     Aim of this project is develop a portable, compact device to help deaf-blind people to communicate with common people based on speech recognition and haptic vibration.  Introduction:    &nbs..

IBGS A Wearable Smart System to Assist Visually Challenged


Aim:          The Main Objective of the project is to build an assist device for visually impaired people with deep learning algorithm, fall detection and payment option will be the part of the system. Abstract:         At present, screen free interactive device..

iBlink: A Wearable Device Facilitating Facial Paralysis Patients to Blink


Aim:           Aim of this project is automatic raspberry pi based automatic iblinking system for system users.Introduction:          FACIAL paralysis is a disease making people losing facial movements, which are caused by nerve damages. People suffering..

Intelligent Ambulance with Automatic Traffic Control


Aim:           The aim of this project is smart automatic traffic control system for the ambulance implemented by IOT.   Abstract: With a large population enlargement of vehicles there is also a big trouble of car accidents or road accidents, and with these overcrowded roads there is a pro..

IoT based Smart Bin- A Swachh-Bharat Initiative


Aim:          The aim of this project is smart and automatic moving and waste disposed dustbin for older people, patients and industries.Abstract: Today main issue of pollution is Garbage Overflow. It creates unhygienic condition for the people and create a bad smell in surroundings leadin..

IoT based Smart Garbage System


Objective          The main aim of this project is to implement the best Garbage Management using IOT sensors and mobile technology.Abstract          The smart bin containers are equipped with ultrasonic, gas and fire sensors. The level sensor inside the smart..

IoT Based Smart Helmet For Construction Workers


AIM:           Safety is a major problem in construction works.  This project aims to develop smart wearable devices such as band and helmet using various sensors that will help in monitoring the health and safety of workers.Introduction:         ..

IoT Sensor Initiated Healthcare Data Security


Objective               Aim of the project is to develop a secure data transmission system between healthcare devices and end-user application. Abstract            Wearable or portable healthcare devices help to monitor the patients from remo..

LoRa Long Range and LoRaWAN Technology for IoT Applications in COVID-19 Pandemic


AimThe main aim of the project is to track health parameters, including body temperature and blood oxygen saturation, then updates the smart phone app to display the user health conditions. Abstract IoT in healthcare can be categorized as remote monitoring and real-time health systems. An IoT system for healthcare is typi..

Low Cost and Robust Field-Deployable Environmental Sensor for Smart Agriculture


Aim: Aim of this project is low cost LORA based data transmitting system in rural areas for agricultural maintained.Introduction:           This paper is proposed efficient data transmit system by using LORO and Arduino controller. In rural areas even now they are not aware of internet con..

Low-Cost CNN for Automatic Violence Recognition on Embedded System


Aim:           The main aim of the project is to auto detect any violence action in public place and send alert notification in IoT. We use deep learning and embedded to implement. Abstract:             Due to the increasing number of vio..

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