Forensic-Cyber Criminals Exposed

Forensic-cyber criminals exposed

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Digital India, a concept mooted by our Prime Minister, opens a vast trove of opportunities for the young IT brains.  It is challenging and fulfilling, unlike the day to day chores of programmed productivity.  The study below indicates the enormous risk in mooting a digital India, a cou...

Android – A Future of Infinite Possibilities

Android – a future of infinite possibilities

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Since 2008 we have borne witness to a plethora of life-changing events but none has had the resounding impact as the introduction of the Android Phone. Remember the times when we needed our desktop or laptop to connect to a social media site or chat room in order to interact with friends and fam...

LoRaWAN - Decoding  the IoT Network

Lorawan - decoding the iot network

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LoRaWAN - Decoding  the IoT Network        The internet of things is set to disrupt most facets of human life. According to Cisco, 25 billion objects will be connected to the internet by 2020 – increasing our dependence on machines to run our everyd...

How Blockchain will Impact the Future

How blockchain will impact the future

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How Blockchain will Impact the Future What is the fuss around Blockchain?Conceived on the notion of building a highly secure gateway to store, track, update, and access data.  Blockchain was first implemented to create the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. A revolutionary concept that is s...

Artificial intelligence – Will Machines Take Over?

Artificial intelligence – will machines take over?

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Are we heading for another cultural shift where unemployment is caused due to the advances in artificial intelligence and automation?According to a Mckinsey report, 50% of the time spent on work activities in the global economy could theoretically be automated by adapting currently demonstrated ...