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A Smart Wireless System to Automate Production of Crops and Stop Intrusion Using Deep Learning


Aim:        Aim of the project is to reduce animal-vehicle collision on roadsides using machine learning and raspberry pi. Abstract:        Animal-Vehicle collisions are a significant public health concern in various countries. The annual economic cost exceeds over..


Crop Yield Prediction based on Indian Agriculture using Machine Learning


AIMTo be precise and accurate in predicting crop yield and deliver the end user With  proper recommendations about required fertilizer ratio based  on soil parameters.ABSTRACT           India is the land of agriculture and it is the major source of economy.70% of Indian population directly rely..


Low Cost and Robust Field-Deployable Environmental Sensor for Smart Agriculture


Aim: Aim of this project is low cost LORA based data transmitting system in rural areas for agricultural maintained.Introduction:           This paper is proposed efficient data transmit system by using LORO and Arduino controller. In rural areas even now they are not aware of internet con..

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