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A Novel Model for Optimization of Resource Utilization in Smart Agriculture System Using IoT


Aim:            The mainstay of the project is to monitor the different values of the soil and to correct the value by adding necessary ingredients to achieve the desired value for crops Using IoT.Introduction:             In this conc..

An Improved Agriculture Plant Disease Detection and Monitoring Using IOT


Aim:                       The Mainstay of the project is to develop a robot to identify and spray insecticides and hydrate plants. We involve AI based Image analysis to detect disease in agricultural domain.Abstract:    ..

An IoT-Model for Monitoring Irrigated Crops


Aim:          The main goal of our project is to develop a smart farming society using IoT in low cost and with more production values.Abstract:          With the increase in the demands and if you are struggling to ensure efficiency in how you use water in..

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