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3 Axis Painting Machine

Aim:             The main stay of the project is to design, mechanize and fabrication of a remote controlled 3-axis wall

Auto Braking System

Objective:             The objective of this project is to design the automatic braking system in order to avoid the accident.

Automatic Electro-Magnetic Gear Shifting System

SYNOPSIS             There are disclosed an automatic gear change control apparatus for an automobile and a method of controlling such

Automatic Pneumatic Jack

SYNOPSIS           This project work titled “AUTOMATIC PNEUMATIC JACK FOR LIGHT VEHICLE” has been conceived having studied the difficulty in

Design and Development of Aqua Silence

            Air pollution is most important from the public health of view, because every individual person breaths approximately 22000 times

Design and Fabrication of Three Axis Pneumatic Modern Trailer

          This project work titled “THREE AXIS PNEUMATIC MODERN TRAILER” has been conceived having studied the difficulty in unloading the

Design and Fabrication of Contact Less Transmission System

            A contactless transmission system is a technology that enables the wireless transfer of power or data from one device

Design and Fabrication of Cruise Control Lever in Automobiles

Abstract:-               The cruise control system is one of  the  most  enduringly  popular  and  important  models  for  control  system  engineering. 

Design and Fabrication of Fire Fighting Robot

ABSTRACT             Firefighting has been a traditionally dangerous occupation, and a lack of technological innovation has resulted in many and

Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

ABSTRACT:             Hand pallet truck is widely used to carry baggage and cargoes in daily life and work. However, rotary-lift

Design and Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Press

SYNOPSIS            Here we are fabricating the model for press operation and it’s known as mini hydraulic press machine. Hydraulics

Design and Fabrication of Oil Skimmer

ABSTRACT            Oil skimmer is used to remove the floating oil from liquid medium. The oil floats on the water