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Accident Prevention and Detection System using IoT Integrated in an Electric Pole


Objective:          The mainstay of the project is to design and develop a system is to prevent accidents occurring due to unaware of the vehicles approaching from other turns towards them, using IoT.Introduction:In today’s world, the technology has skyrocketed and has an impact on almost everyone’s life..

Design And Implementation Of Assistive Robot For The Elderly And Impaired Person


Objective                   Aim of the project is to develop an assistive system for Alzheimer's patient which is capable to remind the location of objects or devices when patient need it. Abstract                  Alzheimer’s ..

Design and Implementation of Portable Smart Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Control System


Aim:            To improve the Pedestrian detection rate and the localization accuracy using Cascade Compact CNN.Synopsis:           Pedestrian detection has made significant advances benefiting from the region-based convolutional neural networks (..

Design of Wearable Device for Child Safety


Objective          Aim of the project is to develop a wearable device for Child safety within a child care environment such as playschool or any other educational institutions. This device should be able to track the location of students by teacher or care take with the help of sensor nodes installed wit..

Development of Contactless Employee Management System with Mask Detection and Body Temperature Measurement using TensorFlow


Objective              Aim of the project is to build a smart employee management system which should be contactless, able to perform mask detection, body temperature detection and contain sanitizer dispensing unit. Abstract         CoVID-19 pandemic s..

Low-Cost CNN for Automatic Violence Recognition on Embedded System


Aim:           The main aim of the project is to auto detect any violence action in public place and send alert notification in IoT. We use deep learning and embedded to implement. Abstract:             Due to the increasing number of vio..

Raspberry Pi Based Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using CNN


Aim:                   The aim of the project is will develop the Internet of Things (IoT) and deep Learning in the field of Road Safety and accident prevention. Abstract               Thi..

Smart Buggy An IoT Based Smart Surveillance Robotic Car Using Raspberry Pi


Aim:          The aim of the project is to build an autonomous robot for surveillance at restricted area using Raspberry pi and Machine Learning algorithms. Introduction:          At present, human work is greatly reduced by machines in each doable method. Mo..

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