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Nyx - An Educational Assistant for the Visually Impaired


Aim:         Thus the Educational Assistant for the Visually Impaired application.Abstract:         Every blind people irrespective of whether he/she is studying in special school or IE program must have access to a Braille kit. A Braille kit contains basic and all indi..

Pet Shop Management System


Aim:            The main aim of the project is online pet shop management system project is to make transactions and deals with customers in a more pleasant and efficient manner by simply gathering information from them.Abstract:             Pet..

Secure and Efficient Outsourced k-Means Clustering using Fully Homomorphic Encryption With Ciphertext Packing Technique


Aim          The main aim of this project is to preserve the outsourced data in cloud through gateway encryption, and to implement personalized search over the encrypted data in a secure way by NLP process without downloading and decrypting the entire group member file contents.    &n..

Smart Phone Based Remote Monitoring Tool for E-Learning


Aim          To monitor the student’s attention on their school activities and to make the remote learning methods more effective.Abstract              Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides sy..

Top-k Dominating Queries on Skyline Groups


Aim       The main aim of this paper is to study the problem of secure skyline queries over encrypted data. The skyline query is particularly important for multi-criteria decision making but also presents significant challenges due to its complex computations. Synopsis     &n..

Toward Verifiable Phrase Search Phrase Search Over Encrypted Cloud IOT Data


Aim:            The main aim of the project is search the encrypted data files using query phrase in the cloud server.Abstract:            Phrase Search Encryption, is the important technique in cloud-based IOT system. It plays an important..

Zomraty E-Blood Bank Android Application for Donors and Life Savers


Aim:            To raise awareness that individuals can save lives and improve the health of others by donating blood .To encourage people to donate blood voluntarily without compensation. To support the operation of safe and reliable blood services.Abstract:      ..

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