Deep Learning

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DeepSkin A Deep Learning Approach for Skin Cancer Classification


Aim:            To design and develop Deep Learning Model that enable early and accurate diagnosis of skin lesions, improving the chances of successful treatment.Synopsis:            Given the rising prevalence of skin cancer and the signif..

Detection of Apple Plant Diseases Using Leaf Images Through Convolutional Neural Network


Aim:            To address the challenges associated with detecting apple plant leaf diseases using deep learning based models.Synopsis:            Plant diseases pose a significant threat to the global agriculture, leading to substantial c..

Detection of Tomato Leaf Diseases for Agro Based Industries Using Novel PCA DeepNet


Aim:            To address the critical issue of detecting tomato leaf diseases in agriculture by leveraging advanced techniques in Deep Learning and Computer VisionSynopsis:          The present work focuses on leveraging the TensorFlow API for the ..

Leaf Disease Detection Based on Lightweight Deep Residual Network and Attention Mechanism


Aim:            To address the significant challenge of identifying plant diseases using deep Residual Network.Synopsis:            The proposed work addresses the challenges of identifying plant diseases using a lightweight Deep Residual N..

Sign Explainer An Explainable AI Enabled Framework for Sign Language Recognition With Ensemble Learning


Aim:         To enhance the accuracy, robustness and interpretability of sign language recognition system Synopsis:         Sign Language recognition is a pioneering framework designed to advance the field of Sign Language Recognition (SLR) through the innovative applic..

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