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Combining Numerical Weather Predictions and Satellite Data for PV Energy nowcasting


Domain: Machine Learning                                                       ..

Denoising in the Dark: Privacy Preserving Deep Neural Network Based Image Denoising


Abstract          Large volumes of images are being exponentially generated today from various kinds of imaging devices (smart phones, medical imaging equipment, digital cameras, etc.). Such tremendous growth is further greatly accelerated along with the fast development and wide deployment of diverse In..

I-Am: Implicitly Authenticate Me Person Authentication on Mobile Devices Through Ear Shape and Arm Gesture


        Abstract         Biometric based person authentication and identification have become common practices in many contexts, and their diffusion is expected to steadily grow in the next years also thanks to the diffusion of the latest generation of mobile devi..

Learning Inductive Attention Guidance for Partially Supervised Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Prediction


                        Technology: Machine Learning                             &nbs..

Multi-Script-Oriented Text Detection and Recognition in Video Scene Born Digital Images


Abstract:         Scene text is one of the most common objects in the nature, which frequently appears on many practical scenes and contains important information for many applications such as blind navigation, scene understanding, autonomous driving, etc. Scene text detection (STD) is an irreplaceabl..

Particle Swarm Optimization Based Support Vector Machine (P-SVM) for the Segmentation and Classification of Plants


Abstract:              The agricultural land mass is more than just being a feeding sourcing in today’s world. Indian economy is highly dependent of agricultural productivity. Therefore in field of agriculture, detection of disease in plants plays an important role. To detect a pla..

Semantic Boundary Detection with Reinforcement Learning For Continuous Sign Language Recognition


                                    Technology: Machine Learning                  Too..

Stress Detection in Computer Users From Keyboard and Mouse Dynamics


Alternate Title: Dynamic Cat Boost enabled Stress level detection system using keyboard and mouse striking styleAbstract The impact of digital gadgets is enormous in the current Internet world because of the easy accessibility,   flexibility and time saving benefits for the consumers. The number of computer users is increasing every y..

Variational PET/CT Tumor Co-Segmentation Integrated With PET Restoration


                                        Domain: Machine Learning               ..

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