Raspberry Pi

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A Real Time, Wireless And Low Cost Data Acquisition System For Residential Pv Modules


Aim:           Aim of this projects is to build a Weather and Load forecasting system for residential microgrid systems using machine learning algorithm.Introduction:           Sustainable development and environmental issues are crucial objectives ..


Camera and Biometric based Vehicle Monitoring System for Public Safety


Aim:            Aim of the project is to build a vehicle authentication system for public safety using AI and IoT features.Synopsis:          Most of the times vehicles used in the crime would be a stolen one. To avoid such thefts, we need to inc..


GLOS: GLOve for Speech Recognition


Aim:                     Aim of this project is develop a portable, compact device to help deaf-blind people to communicate with common people based on speech recognition and haptic vibration.  Introduction:    &nbs..

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