Robotics is a field where you can apply your knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics, electronics, mechanics, etc. This field is the one where your knowledge is put to test.

   Introduction to robotics and basics of robotics

   Basic system in robotics

   Wireless robotics

   Wireless transmitter circuit

   Wireless receiver circuit

   Input systems


   Processing system

   Autonomous robots

   Mechanics in robotics

   Modeling a robot

Introduction to Robotics

   Identify the major components of a robot and learn the many ways robots are being used in the industry.

   Follow safety rules and learn how to use and store tools correctly.

   Learn how to work in a team to use teamwork to solve problems, and will serve as a team leader and a team member.

   Learn the core concepts of physics, robotics, and automation, to include motors, gears, and gear trains, rotational dynamics, friction and traction factors, torque and power factors, open-loop, and closed-loop control systems, and the use of touch, light, sound, and temperature sensors in an automated system.

Use of Electricity and Electronics in Robotics

   DPDT Switches



   Power Supply (AC & DC Supply)

   Resistor, Capacitor & much more.

   Electromagnetic Induction

   Different Motors (DC, Servo, Stepper etc.)

Different Types of Sensors

   Introduction to Various Sensor and application

   Various IR (Infrared) Sensor

   Mechanical Sensor

   Robots sensing sound

   Hands-on session on installing & interfacing sensors

   Robotics in Digital World:

   Introduction to Various Gates

   AND, OR, NAND, NOR, NOT Gates

   Solving them with truth tables and their symbols

   Binary function in Robotics

   Use of Flow chart for decision

   Using this kit, students will make different types of robotic vehicles which can perform various tasks like,

          Line follower robot.

          Obstacle avoider robot.

          Object follower robot.

          Photophobic robot.

          Phototropic robot.

          Firefighter robot.

          Wall Follower.

          Sound Resistant Robot

          Mobile Control Robot

          Boomerang Robot