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An Integrated Privacy Preserving Attribute Based Access Control Framework Supporting Secure Deduplication


Aim:             The main aim of this project is to control file duplication in cloud computing.Synopsis:         Cloud storage as one of the most important services of cloud computing. Data ownership proof is an essential process of data deduplication, e..

An IoT-Based Intelligent System for Real-Time Parking Monitoring and Automatic Billing


Aim:           The aim of the project, IOT based fully automated parking system for vehicle parking stations implemented by microcontroller and the RFID module. The main aim of this project is reduces human interaction in parking area.Abstract:         &..

An IoT-based Sag Monitoring System for Overhead Transmission Lines


Aim:          Aim of this project is automatic transmission line stand fall detection and power monitoring system in agriculture field. Introduction:           This paper is proposed energy monitoring and transmission line stand fall detecting sys..

Analysis of Smart helmets and Designing an IoT based Smart helmet: A cost effective solution for Riders


Aim:                   Aim of this project is IoT based Interactive Road Safety System for Young Bikers With help of GPS and IoT sharing information to the mobile app. Introduction:        &..

Approximate DCT Design for Video Encoding Based on Novel Truncation Scheme


Abstract              Discrete cosine transform (DCT) is significantly important and widely utilized in signal compression. Through DCT, spatial signals can be converted to frequency domain, in which each signal is decomposed of components at different frequencies. For natural signals,..



Synopsis          This project is an attempt to reduce the toxic content of diesel exhaust, before it is emitted to the atmosphere. This system can be safely used for diesel power packs which could be used in inflammable atmospheres, such as refineries, chemicals processing industries, open cost mines an..

Arbitrary-Oriented Ship Detection Framework in Optical Remote-Sensing Images


Abstract               SHIP detection in remote-sensing images is important in both civilian and military applications, such as traffic dynamic monitoring, fishery management, security threats uncovering, illegal activities uncovering. the framework is designed to access the fin..



Aim:             The mainstay of the project is to determine the wound boundary on a foot ulcer image. Introduction:             Doctors base their wound assessment primarily on visual examination and manual measurements per..

ATT Squeeze U-Net A Lightweight Network for Forest Fire Detection and Recognition


Aim:                To efficient CNN based system for fire detection in videos captured in uncertain surveillance scenariosSynopsis:            Vision based fire detection framework has lately picked up popularity when contrasted ..

Auto Braking System


Objective:            The objective of this project is to design the automatic braking system in order to avoid the accident.Scope:            This project is necessary to be attached to every vehicle. Mainly it is used when drive the vehic..

Automatic Accident Avoiding System for Machines


SYNOPSISThe aim of our project is to take a system wide approach to prevent the machine accident. The system includes not just the machine and the operator; but rather it includes every thing from the initial design of the machine to the training of every one that is responsible for any aspect of it, to the documentation of all changes to regul..

Automatic Break Failure Indicator and Engine over Heating Alarm


Aim:          The aim is to design and develop a control system based an electronically controlled automatic brake failure indicator by using IR Sensor and engine over heating alarm by using heat sensor is called “AUTOMATIC BRAKE FAILURE INDICATOR AND ENGINE OVER HEATING ALARM”.Abstract:   ..

Automatic Clutch and Brake System for Four Wheelers


Abstract:              Pneumatics operation technology now-a - days widely used in all kind work related with compressed air. The knowledge from timber work to robot technology it is used with so advanced and also with automation. It is therefore very essential and important for any techni..

Automatic Dam Shutter Control System


SYNOPSIS          This project helps us in the automatic opening and closing of shutter in the Dam. This work is performed without human intervention. The level probe indicates the level of water in the Tank.The system comprises of the following components like level probe sensor, limit switch, microc..

Automatic Detection and Monitoring of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Efficient Convolutional NeuralNetworks


Aim:             This paper aim to detect the diabetic disease identification using deep learning methods. Abstract: Diabetic Retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that is caused due to the changes in the blood vessels of the retina and is one of the leading causes of blindness in th..

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