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Coding-Based Low-Power Through-Silicon-Via Redundancy Schemes for Heterogeneous 3-D SoCs


Synopsis          Three dimensional integration is one of the promising solutions to check the bare 3D integrated circuits before utilizing in the applications. In the existing system design of an heterogeneous architecture is being evaluated using low power silicon redundancy schemes. The technique is b..

Combining Numerical Weather Predictions and Satellite Data for PV Energy nowcasting


Domain: Machine Learning                                                       ..

ConcurDB: Concurrent Query Authentication for Outsourced Databases


Aim:          The main aim of this project secures the query accessing and reduces the server load.Synopsys:        Clients of outsourced databases need Query Authentication (QA) guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of query results returned by potentially compromised..

Conversion Prediction from Clickstream: Modeling Market Prediction and Customer Predictability


Aim           To convert window shoppers into purchasing customers by repeatedly reminding customers of products through repeated advertisements on social media.Abstract                 Purchase prediction has been widely studied in the con..

Convolution neural network based enhanced computerized Technique for brain tumour detection


Aim: To detect and identify the Brain Tumor using Deep-Learning techniquesSynopsis: Brain is the controlling unit of human body. It regulates the functions such as memory, vision, hearing, knowledge, personality, problem solving etc. The main reason for brain tumors is the uncontrolled development of brain cells. In medical practices, the early det..

Cost-Effective Vehicle Type Recognition in Surveillance Images with Deep Active Learning and Web Data


Abstract:        With the rapid development of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies in recent years, vehicle type recognition (VTR) has been widely applied as a low-cost technology in tolls, transportation statistics, security and crime prevention issues. The early techniques for VTR mainl..

Credit Coin: A Privacy-Preserving Block chain-Based Incentive Announcement Network for Communications of Smart Vehicles


Aim:The main aim of this project is to develop an effective announcement network called Credit Coin, a new privacy-preserving incentive announcement network based on Block chain. Synopsis:Vehicular announcement network in VANETs (Vehicular ad hoc networks) have become one of the most promising vehicular communication applications, as it l..

Crop Yield Prediction based on Indian Agriculture using Machine Learning


AIM          To be precise and accurate in predicting crop yield and deliver the end user With  proper recommendations about required fertilizer ratio based  on soil parameters.ABSTRACT           India is the land of agriculture and it is the major s..

Crop Yield Prediction Using Random Forest Algorithm


Aim:               Predict the crop type and price of the crop using machine learning methodology with accurate results.Abstract              India is the land of agriculture and it is the major source of economy. 70% of..

Cross-domain Sentiment Encoding through Stochastic Word Embedding


Aim          To automatically identify the sentiment for each and every product based on user reviews with improved efficiency and improved business solutions and services.Abstract            Sentiment Analysis is the process of determining wheth..

Crypt Cloud+: Secure and Expressive Data Access Control for Cloud Storage


Aim:The main aim of this project is to provide integrity of an organization data which is in public cloud.Synopsis:Data owners will store their data in public cloud along with encryption and particular set of attributes to access control on the cloud data. While uploading the data into public cloud they will assign some attribute set to their ..

Crypt-DAC Cryptographically Enforced Dynamic Access Control in the Cloud


Aim:           The main aim of this project is to provide integrity of an organization data which is in public cloud.Synopsis:            Data owners will store their data in public cloud along with encryption and particular set of attributes to..

d-BAME Distributed Blockchain-Based Anonymous Mobile Electronic Voting


Aim:          We are presenting a new e-Voting System with Fingerprint scanning that will overcome the drawbacks of the current voting methods that are used in India.Synopsis:          Currently, the voting system in India is in efficient and vulnerable to out..

Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fire Detection


Aim:             To efficient RCNN based system for fire detection in videos captured in uncertain surveillance scenarios Synopsis:             Vision based fire detection framework has lately picked up popularity when contrast..

Deep Ensemble Machine for Video Classification


Abstract:        Video classification has been extensively researched in computer vision due to its wide spread use in many important applications such as human action recognition and dynamic scene classification. It is highly desired to have an end-to-end learning framework that can establish effective video r..

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