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Deep Ensemble Machine for Video Classification


Aim:             This paper aim to classify the different types of videos using deep learning framework with convolution neural network (CNN) Abstract:             Video classification has been extensively researched in compute..

Deep Learning and Handcrafted Method Fusion: Higher Diagnostic Accuracy for Melanoma Dermoscopy Images


Abstract:        Dermoscopy is an important tool in the early detection of melanoma, increasing the diagnostic accuracy over clinical visual inspection in the hands of experienced physicians. A pigment network whose structure varies in size and shape is called an irregular or a typical pigment network (AP..

Deep Learning based Automatic Multi-Class Wild Pest Monitoring Approach using Hybrid Global and Local Activated Features


Aim:             To detect and classify large-scale multi-class pest using Convolution Neural Network.   Synopsis:                Regarding the growth of crops, one of the important factors affecting crop yield is insect..

Deep Learning COVID-19 Features on CXR Using Limited Training Data Sets


Technology: Deep Learning                                                   Tool: MATLAB R2018aObjective..

Deep Neural Architecture for Face mask Detection on Simulated Masked Face Dataset against Covid-19 Pandemic


Aim: To apply the Deep Learning techniques based on convolution neural network improving the face mask detector accuracy.Synopsis: The corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has globally infected over 2.7million people and caused over 180,000 deaths. There are several similar large scale serious respiratory diseases, such as severe acute respiratory ..

Denoising in the Dark: Privacy Preserving Deep Neural Network Based Image Denoising


Abstract          Large volumes of images are being exponentially generated today from various kinds of imaging devices (smart phones, medical imaging equipment, digital cameras, etc.). Such tremendous growth is further greatly accelerated along with the fast development and wide deployment of diverse In..

Design and Fabrication of Cardamom Plucking Machine


Aim :          The primary goal  is to design and development of a cardamom plucking equipment to facilitate cardamom harvesting in the agricultural sector. Proposed system:         Cardamom harvesting is done manually by the labor climbing on the trees. So i..

Design And Fabrication of Involute Gear Profile Error Detector


SYNOPSIS          The objective of the project is to collect the desired items with help of web camera and dispose the unwanted items using rejection mechanism. The components are moved from one place to another with the help of Geneva conveyor. It is necessary to minimize the workers involved in it..

Design and Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Press


SYNOPSIS           Here we are fabricating the model for press operation and it’s known as mini hydraulic press machine. Hydraulics is a topic in applied science and engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids. Fluid mechanics provides the theoretical foundation for hydraulics, whi..

Design and Implementation of a Wearable Sensor Network System for IoT-Connected Safety and Health Applications


Aim:            Aim of the project is to build a system to monitor the vital signs of workers who working underground like Tunnels or Mines.Introduction:            The construction of underground tunnels, shafts, chambers, and passageways ..

Design And Implementation Of Assistive Robot For The Elderly And Impaired Person


Objective                   Aim of the project is to develop an assistive system for Alzheimer's patient which is capable to remind the location of objects or devices when patient need it. Abstract                  Alzheimer’s ..

Design and Implementation of Portable Smart Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Control System


Aim:            To improve the Pedestrian detection rate and the localization accuracy using Cascade Compact CNN.Synopsis:           Pedestrian detection has made significant advances benefiting from the region-based convolutional neural networks (..

Design and Implementation of Smart Hospital using IoT


Objective             The aim of this system is to monitor the patient’s health and early discovery of disease helps the doctors to move on to further treatment of patient.  This reduces the cost and time of the patient.Abstract         &nb..

Design of Adiabatic Quantum-Flux-Parametron Register Files using a Top-Down Design Flow


Synopsis                                Electricity usage in global data centers is estimated 200 terawatts hour (TWh) each year, or about 1% of the total electricity consumed. This significant amount of en..

Design of an Intelligent Bracelet Based On IOT and LORA Protocol to Identify New COVID-19 Contact Cases


Objective             Our main function is to create a wireless network to notify the patient with omicron and alert the public around the newly identified patient’s location. Abstract              COVID-19 has rapidly spread global..

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