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Efficient Classification Of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Binary Cnn


Aim: To detect the diabetic retinopathy disease in the earlier stage using Deep learning method Synopsis: Diabetic Retinopathy is a disease that can lead to partial or complete blindness. Research shows that it contributes around 5 percent of the total cases of blindness. Usually it takes about two weeks for the diagnosis of disease; time and money..

Efficient Regular Language Search for Secure Cloud Storage


Aim:           The main aim of this project is to provide integrity of an organization data’s which is in public cloud and retrieving data’s in encrypted form and retrieving information. Synopsis:                 C..

Emergency Braking System


Aim :          The scope of this work is to develop a safety car braking system using ultrasonic sensor and to design a vehicle with less human attention to the driving. Proposed system:           The scope of this work is to develop a safety car br..

Emerging From Water: Underwater Image Color Correction Based on Weakly Supervised Color Transfer


ABSTRACT:            Underwater images usually suffer from degeneration, such as low contrast, color casts, and noise, due to wavelength-dependent light absorption and scattering. The attenuated direct transmission leads the intensity from the scene to be weaker and introduces color casts, ..

Emoji Prediction from Twitter Data using Deep Learning Approach


Aim:          To predict an emoji based on text, image and emojis Abstract:           Emojis are a very important part of communication in today’s world. It is used to express emotions during a conversation. We collect data from the twitter. Building a system wh..

Emotion Analysis for Personality Inference from EEG Signals


Aim:             To design a MATLAB Model for Individual’s Emotion detection through computed EEG using DEAP dataset and making the people to relax by playing music spontaneouslyAbstract:               Emotion plays a..

Enabling Ternary Hash Tree based Integrity Verification for Secure Cloud Data Storage


Aim       The main aim of this project is to provide a reliable and secure cloud service and also increase trustworthiness of certifications by Continuous Automatic Auditing. Synopsis        Cloud Computing enables the remote users to access data, services, and applications in ..

Energy Efficient Backhauling for 5G Small Cell Networks


Abstract         While the concept of ultra-dense small cell networks (SCNs) has brought a number of significant opportunities for the telecommunication industry, it has also introduced a major challenge for researchers, who must develop techniques to reduce the sharp increase in power consumption that wi..

ET-based Irrigation System with Automated Bird Deterrent System


Aim:            Aim of the project is to build a small and portable bird classification device to monitor and survey migration birds in sanctuaries with the help of AI and IoT.Synopsis:             The monitoring of birds has a widesprea..

Eye care device for facial paralyzed patients


Aim: Aim of this project is automatic raspberry pi based automatic eye blinking system for facial paralyzed patients.Abstract:          FACIAL paralysis is a disease making people losing facial movements, which are caused by nerve damages. People suffering from facial paralysis usually have muscles on..

EYERIS_ A Virtual Eye to Aid the Visually Impaired


Aim:Aim of this project is to develop a personal assistant system for deaf-blind people to help identify faces of people and objects in terms of Morse code.Synopsis:          In the era of artificial intelligence lot of object and face detection devices are available for visually impaired people. Whe..

Fabrication Automatic Of Pneumatic Hammer


Aim :          In our project we design a pneumatic hammer machine. A hammer is a tool meant to deliver an impact load to an object. The common uses are for driving nails, fitting parts, and breaking up objects. Proposed System :           The proce..

Fabrication of Air Leak Detector


SYNOPSISThe objective of this project is that, to detect the leakage of air in the system. Leakage of air affects the working efficiency of machines in many operations, in order to overcome this problem air leakage is protected by using a protection system. We designed and developed such type of system, in order to prevent the leakage of air...

Fabrication of Automatic Foot Dust Cleaning Machine


SYNOPSIS          Automatic foot dust cleaner is an electronic project, which helps to clean the foot. This project mainly focus on power saving that is the motor automatically turns OFF when there is no purpose for the machine to operate. The main parts for efficient working of this project are moto..

Fabrication of Hydraulic Disc Brake


SYNOPSIS          The disc brake or disk brake is a device for slowing or stopping the rotation of a wheel. A brake disc usually made of cast iron or ceramic composites is connected to the wheel and the axle. To stop the wheel, friction material in the form of brake pads is forced mechanically, hydraulic..

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