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A Rotational Libra R-CNN Method for Ship Detection


Aim:      To automate the detection of presence of ships and to classify the types of ships available in the given Image.   Synopsis:        The detection of inshore and offshore ships is an essential task for a large variety of applications in both military and civilian fields. For example..

An Approach for Prediction of Loan Approval using Machine Learning Algorithm


Aim:          To determine the loan approval system using machine learning algorithms.Abstract:            Loan approval is a very important process for banking organizations. The systems approved or reject the loan applications. Recovery of loans is a ma..

Automatic Detection and Monitoring of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Efficient Convolutional NeuralNetworks


Aim:             This paper aim to detect the diabetic disease identification using deep learning methods. Abstract: Diabetic Retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that is caused due to the changes in the blood vessels of the retina and is one of the leading causes of blindness in th..

Crop Yield Prediction based on Indian Agriculture using Machine Learning


Aim:          To be precise and accurate in predicting crop yield and deliver the end user with proper recommendations about required fertilizer ratio based on soil parameters.Abstract          India is the land of agriculture and it is the major source of economy.70% of Ind..

Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fire Detection


Aim:           To efficient RCNN based system for fire detection in videos captured in uncertain surveillance scenarios Synopsis:             Vision based fire detection framework has lately picked up popularity when contrasted with cus..

Deep Neural Architecture for Face mask Detection on Simulated Masked Face Dataset against Covid-19 Pandemic


Aim:               To apply the Deep Learning techniques based on convolution neural network improving the face mask detector accuracy.Synopsis:              The corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has globally infected over..

Driver-Drowsiness Detection System Using Facial Features


Aim:             This paper aim to detect Real time driver's fatigue state using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Synopsis:           Accidents are more due to the driver’s drowsiness; it has been recorded that more than 40% of chances that acciden..

Effective Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques


Aim:           To apply machine learning techniques result in improving the accuracy in the prediction of cardiovascular disease.Abstract:            Heart disease is one of the most significant problem is arising in the world today. Cardiovascu..

Prediction of Flood in Bangladesh using k-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm


Aim:           Analyze the flood data from database for flood prediction.Abstract:                                      ..

Predictive Analytics on Diabetes Data using Machine Learning Techniques


Aim:        To help doctors and practitioners in early prediction of diabetes using machine learning techniques.Abstract:         Diabetes caused due to increase in amount of sugar or glucose which is condensed into the blood Identifying process of diabetes is the glucose an..

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