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Automated Facemask Detection and Monitoring of Body Temperature using IoT Enabled Smart Door


Aim:          The aim of the project is to develop a contactless automated system with IoT for employees to control door access with help of machine vision process and embedded systemAbstract:The Face Mask Detection can be done using the YOLO algorithm to classify facial masks using a deep learning sys..

Design of an Intelligent Bracelet Based On IOT and LORA Protocol to Identify New COVID-19 Contact Cases


Objective             Our main function is to create a wireless network to notify the patient with omicron and alert the public around the newly identified patient’s location. Abstract              COVID-19 has rapidly spread global..

Development of Contactless Employee Management System with Mask Detection and Body Temperature Measurement using TensorFlow


Objective              Aim of the project is to build a smart employee management system which should be contactless, able to perform mask detection, body temperature detection and contain sanitizer dispensing unit. Abstract         CoVID-19 pandemic s..

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