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ConcurDB: Concurrent Query Authentication for Outsourced Databases


Aim:          The main aim of this project secures the query accessing and reduces the server load.Synopsys:        Clients of outsourced databases need Query Authentication (QA) guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of query results returned by potentially compromised..

Cross-domain Sentiment Encoding through Stochastic Word Embedding


Aim          To automatically identify the sentiment for each and every product based on user reviews with improved efficiency and improved business solutions and services.Abstract            Sentiment Analysis is the process of determining wheth..

Voice of Charity: Prospecting the Donation Recurrence & Donor Retention in Crowd funding


Aim            The main aim of this project is to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness for analyzing and predicting the donation recurrence and donor retention in crowdfunding and providing a proper trustworthy donation from the donors to the clients.   Implementation &n..

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