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Road Sign Recognition System for Autonomous Vehicle using Raspberry Pi


Aim:             Aim of the project is to build an intelligent surveillance system for automated unregistered vehicles recognition by number plate detection and recognition.Introduction:                       The automated ob..

Semantic Boundary Detection with Reinforcement Learning For Continuous Sign Language Recognition


                                    Technology: Machine Learning                  Too..

SMARISA A Raspberry Pi Based Smart Ring for Women Safety Using IoT


Aim:            Aim of this project is to develop a Raspberry Pi based portable women security system using IoT.Introduction:            In the present situation, because of their family situation and passion women need to take every step e..

Smart Buggy An IoT Based Smart Surveillance Robotic Car Using Raspberry Pi


Aim:          The aim of the project is to build an autonomous robot for surveillance at restricted area using Raspberry pi and Machine Learning algorithms. Introduction:          At present, human work is greatly reduced by machines in each doable method. Mo..

Smart Home with Virtual Assistant Using Raspberry Pi


Aim: Aim of this project is to develop a raspberry pi and AI based door security and remote door unlock system when owner can't be available at the door.Introduction:             Advancements in technology push us to change the existing day to day objects into smart systems. To change ..

Soft-Edge Assisted Network for Single Image Super-Resolution


                                            Domain: Image Processing          &..

Stress Detection in Computer Users From Keyboard and Mouse Dynamics


Alternate Title: Dynamic Cat Boost enabled Stress level detection system using keyboard and mouse striking styleAbstract The impact of digital gadgets is enormous in the current Internet world because of the easy accessibility,   flexibility and time saving benefits for the consumers. The number of computer users is increasing every y..

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