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IoT Sensor Initiated Healthcare Data Security


Objective               Aim of the project is to develop a secure data transmission system between healthcare devices and end-user application. Abstract            Wearable or portable healthcare devices help to monitor the patients from remo..

LoRa Long Range and LoRaWAN Technology for IoT Applications in COVID-19 Pandemic


AimThe main aim of the project is to track health parameters, including body temperature and blood oxygen saturation, then updates the smart phone app to display the user health conditions. Abstract IoT in healthcare can be categorized as remote monitoring and real-time health systems. An IoT system for healthcare is typi..

Low Cost and Robust Field-Deployable Environmental Sensor for Smart Agriculture


Aim: Aim of this project is low cost LORA based data transmitting system in rural areas for agricultural maintained.Introduction:           This paper is proposed efficient data transmit system by using LORO and Arduino controller. In rural areas even now they are not aware of internet con..

Low-Cost CNN for Automatic Violence Recognition on Embedded System


Aim:           The main aim of the project is to auto detect any violence action in public place and send alert notification in IoT. We use deep learning and embedded to implement. Abstract:             Due to the increasing number of vio..

Raspberry Pi Based Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using CNN


Aim:                   The aim of the project is will develop the Internet of Things (IoT) and deep Learning in the field of Road Safety and accident prevention. Abstract               Thi..

SARA: Secure Asynchronous Remote Attestation for IoT systems


AbstractThe recent Internet of Things (IoT) evolution is leading towards multi-functional IoT devices that are capable of performing several operations concurrently. With IoT services increasingly provided by IoT devices, IoT systems are expected to deliver large-scale distributed applications that include a wide range of interacting services. ..

Smart Electricity Meter Monitoring and Prediction using iSocket


Aim:          Aim of the project is to build a smart home automation system to control home appliances, monitor the power consumed by the appliances and predict the power consumption using machine learning algorithm.Synopsis:          In order to implement the..

Smart Security Device for Women Based on IoT


ObjectiveAim of this project is to develop an ESP32 based wearable women security system using IoT.Introduction                     In the present situation, because of their family situation and passion women need to take every step equal to men.  But they cannot ste..

Social Engineering and Prototype Awareness Enhancing During International Coronavirus Outbreak


Aim:          The main of this project is ADXL335 based awareness approaching system from covid19 virus for people. Abstract:           Coronavirus is the new virus that has not been identified in humans before which it causes the coronavirus di..

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