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A LoRa-based Smart Street Lighting System for Smart Cities


Aim:             Aim of this project is smart street lamp for energy efficient using system implemented by ESP8266. Light intensity is high or low it is based on human count.Introduction:             This paper is proposed highly ..

A LoRaWAN IoT Enabled Trash Bin Level Monitoring System


Aim: The main aim of the project is to monitor and manage the trash bin in Urban using Lora and IoT.   Introduction:           Garbage, is a primary potential source of pollution.  However, it is an inevitable by-product of human activity. Municipal solid waste management rema..

A Metrological Fuel Surveillance Application Based on Internet of Intelligent Vehicles


Objective              Main goal is to supervise the fuel consumption of vehicles and to get the location of nearest fuel station. Abstract:          Fuel supervision systems are designed to monitor fuel consumption within your vehicle. They accur..

Design of an Intelligent Bracelet Based On IOT and LORA Protocol to Identify New COVID-19 Contact Cases


Objective             Our main function is to create a wireless network to notify the patient with omicron and alert the public around the newly identified patient’s location. Abstract              COVID-19 has rapidly spread global..

LoRa Long Range and LoRaWAN Technology for IoT Applications in COVID-19 Pandemic


AimThe main aim of the project is to track health parameters, including body temperature and blood oxygen saturation, then updates the smart phone app to display the user health conditions. Abstract IoT in healthcare can be categorized as remote monitoring and real-time health systems. An IoT system for healthcare is typi..

Low Cost and Robust Field-Deployable Environmental Sensor for Smart Agriculture


Aim: Aim of this project is low cost LORA based data transmitting system in rural areas for agricultural maintained.Introduction:           This paper is proposed efficient data transmit system by using LORO and Arduino controller. In rural areas even now they are not aware of internet con..

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