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Denoising in the Dark: Privacy Preserving Deep Neural Network Based Image Denoising


Abstract          Large volumes of images are being exponentially generated today from various kinds of imaging devices (smart phones, medical imaging equipment, digital cameras, etc.). Such tremendous growth is further greatly accelerated along with the fast development and wide deployment of diverse In..

Design of face detection and recognition system monitor students during online examinations using Machine Learning algorithms


Aim:             To ease the process of attendance during online classes and to prevent malpractice during online assessments.  Abstract:          Today’s pandemic situation has changed the way of education to students. Education system had comp..

Detection of Careless Responses in Online Surveys


Abstract:            Some respondents make careless responses due to the ‘‘satisficing,’’ which is an attempt to complete a questionnaire as quickly and easily as possible. To obtain results that reflect a fact, detecting satisficing and excluding the responses with satisficing from the analysis target..

Detection of Social Network Spam Based on Improved Extreme Learning Machine


Aim:             To enhance the assigning accuracy of former methods in spam detection in Twitter using advanced methods.Synopsis:             Social networking sites have become very popular in recent years. Users use them to find new frie..

Diabetes Prediction Using Ensembling of Different Machine Learning Classifiers


Aim:            To help doctors and practitioners in early prediction of diabetes using machine learning techniques.Abstract:            Diabetes caused due to increase in amount of sugar or glucose which is condensed into the blood Identif..

DOC-BLOCK: A Blockchain Based Authentication System for Digital Documents


Aim:                The main aim of this project is to solve the problem of counterfeiting certificates we are proposing an digital certificate system based on block chain technology and to verify the traveler’s identity using live camera, which allows faster convergence and..

Effective Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques


Aim:           To apply machine learning techniques result in improving the accuracy in the prediction of cardiovascular disease.Abstract:            Heart disease is one of the most significant problem is arising in the world today. Cardiovascu..

Evaluation based Approaches for Liver Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms


Aim:                  To apply machine learning techniques result in improving the accuracy in the liver disease prediction. Abstract:            The life of humans living without liver tumors is one of the fun..

Face Detection and Recognition for Criminal Identification System


Aim:                To detect and recognize the face and we can differentiate between citizen and criminals and further investigate whether the identified person is criminal or not.Abstract:            Face recognition can be..

Group-Based Skyline for Pareto Optimal Groups


Aim       The main aim of this project is to study the problem of secure skyline queries over encrypted data. The skyline query is particularly important for multi-criteria decision making but also presents significant challenges due to its complex computations.Synopsis         T..

House Price Prediction Using Machine Learning And Neural Networks


Aim:          Housing prices keep changing day in and day out and sometimes are hyped rather than being based on valuation. Predicting housing prices with real factors is the main crux of our research project. Here we aim to make our evaluations based on every basic parameter that is considered while det..

Human Activity Recognition Through Ensemble Learning of Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks


Aim:               This paper aim to classify the different types of videos using deep learning framework with convolution neural network (CNN) Abstract:            Video classification has been extensively researched in comp..

I-Am: Implicitly Authenticate Me Person Authentication on Mobile Devices Through Ear Shape and Arm Gesture


        Abstract         Biometric based person authentication and identification have become common practices in many contexts, and their diffusion is expected to steadily grow in the next years also thanks to the diffusion of the latest generation of mobile devi..

Intelligent Crop Recommendation System using Machine Learning


Aim:         Predict the crop yield and deliver the end user with proper recommendations about required fertilizer ratio based on soil parameters. We also recommend the crop price using machine learning.Abstract           India is one of the leading countries world..

Krushi Sahyog: Plant disease identification and Crop recommendation using Artificial Intelligence


Aim:             To detect the plant leaf disease and to recommend the crop using Machine and Deep learning. Abstract:              India is one of the leading countries worldwide in terms of farm output. Even after being a leading ..

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