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Google Assistant based smart home automation system


AIM:            Aim of this project is smart home automation with Google assistant. IFTTT also using in this project, is a free web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets.Introduction:           ..

Interactive Medical Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning with Image-Specific Fine Tuning


Abstract:           DEEP learning with convolution neural networks (CNNs) has achieved state-of-the-art performance for automated medical image segmentation. However, automatic segmentation methods have not demonstrated sufficiently accurate and robust results for clinical use due to the inherent..

Leveraging Affective Hash tags for Ranking Music Recommendations


Aim:To implement a recommendation for music, based on the content of microblog, to extract affective contextual information from hashtags contained in these tweets. Synopsis:In the advancement of Hardware technologies, the mobile computing power in terms of processing, memory has increased a lot. Fortunately, the costs for this hardware were..

Location Inference for Non-geo tagged Tweets in User Timelines


Aim:To obtain the information of tweets country from the given tweet; even when a tweet is not geo-tagged using machine learning. Synopsis:Social media impact on society is growing day by day. With all the information floated on internet enables the business to provide best services to customer. One such service is location based content or fu..

Personalized Market Basket Prediction with Temporal Annotated Recurring Sequences


Aim:         The main aim of this project is to predict the basket based on user’s previous basket.Synopsis:        Market basket prediction, i.e., supplying the customer a shopping list for the next purchase according to her current needs, is one of these services. Cu..

Practical Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud Image Repositories


Aim:          To propose a secure framework for outsourced privacy-preserving storage and retrieval in large shared image repositories.Synopsis:           Cloud computing is a new form of internet-based computing that provides shared computer processin..

PurTreeClust A Clustering Algorithm for Customer Segmentation from Massive Customer Transaction Data


Aim:            The Main aim of this Project is to provide the Recommendation to the user based on User Preference and User life Style. And to Cluster the Customer Group based on the Transaction data processed by the Customer.Synopsis:        &nbs..

Real-Time Prediction of Taxi Demand Using Recurrent Neural Networks


Aim:To predict the high demand need of pickup location for taxi services based on their previous history. Synopsis:The service industry is booming for the last couple of years and it is expected to grow in the near future. One of the important natures of the business is the serve the customer. To effectively utilize the resource at hand is..

RingNet: A Memory-Oriented Network-On-Chip


Existing system              In the existing system design of novel NoC architecture called RingNet that is well-suited to the features of contemporary FPGAs. Among other NoC architectures developed for FPGAs, RingNet stands out with communication through a central memory and traffic ..

Rumor Source Identification in Social Network


Aim:        The main aim of this project is to identify the real rumor source and eliminate fake message and rumor source in the social Network. Abstract:        Identifying rumor sources in social networks plays a critical role in limiting the damage caused by ..

SHIRT (Self Healing Intelligent Real Time) Scheduling for Secure Embedded Task Processing


Synopsis:           FPGA technology is used in all kinds of high speed devices now, which also need so many demands in Quick configuration of FPGA at runtime is the latest need. Scheduling in FPGAs is increasingly being employed in modern real-time embedded systems, which often impose strict timelin..

Using Screen Brightness to Improve Security in Mobile Social Network Access


Aim:            The main aim of this project is to propose the smart way to authenticate the social networking accounts belonging to them by using the screen brightness of android mobiles in order to avoid the spyware attack, shoulder surfing attack, and man in the middle attack.Synops..

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