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Naive Bayes Classifier for Predicting the Novel Corona virus


Aim:            To detect the COVID-19 using Machine Learning Classification Algorithms Abstract:          The Corona-virus 2019(COVID-19), which first occurs in Wuhan city of China in December 2019, spread quickly around the world and became a plagu..

Prediction of Flood in Bangladesh using k-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm


Aim:           Analyze the flood data from database for flood prediction.Abstract:                                      ..

Predictive Analytics on Diabetes Data using Machine Learning Techniques


Aim:        To help doctors and practitioners in early prediction of diabetes using machine learning techniques.Abstract:         Diabetes caused due to increase in amount of sugar or glucose which is condensed into the blood Identifying process of diabetes is the glucose an..

Twitter Spam Detection Using Natural Language Processing by Encoder Decoder Model


Aim:             To enhance the assigning accuracy of former methods in spam detection in Twitter using advanced methods.Synopsis:             Social networking sites have become very popular in recent years. Users use them to find new frie..

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