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A LoRaWAN IoT Enabled Trash Bin Level Monitoring System


Aim: The main aim of the project is to monitor and manage the trash bin in Urban using Lora and IoT.   Introduction:           Garbage, is a primary potential source of pollution.  However, it is an inevitable by-product of human activity. Municipal solid waste management rema..

An Improved Agriculture Plant Disease Detection and Monitoring Using IOT


Aim:                       The Mainstay of the project is to develop a robot to identify and spray insecticides and hydrate plants. We involve AI based Image analysis to detect disease in agricultural domain.Abstract:    ..

Development and Analysis of Pothole detection and Alert based on Node MCU


Aim:          The aim of this project is to detect pothole in the road and create the database. This record of potholes will help the road maintenance department to locate these bad roads. This can help to make maintenance work faster. Abstract:        &nb..

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