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A Forecasting Approach to Improve Control and Management for 5G Networks


Objective             To design an efficient algorithm for detection of anomaly in 5G network and perform efficient forecast model. Abstract            Accurate and autonomous traffic forecasting is essential for many traffic ma..

Approximate DCT Design for Video Encoding Based on Novel Truncation Scheme


Abstract              Discrete cosine transform (DCT) is significantly important and widely utilized in signal compression. Through DCT, spatial signals can be converted to frequency domain, in which each signal is decomposed of components at different frequencies. For natural signals,..

MobiKey: Mobility-based Secret Key Generation in Smart Home


Technology/Domain: Signal Processing Tools Specifications: MATLAB 2018aAbstractDevelopments of smart home improved the life style of many peoples and enable them to save the time on regular activities. Controlling the refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, lighting and cooling systems as well as home security systems. Even though the comm..

Ship Detection in Space borne Infrared Image Based on Lightweight CNN and Multisource Feature Cascade Decision


ALTERNATE TITLE Machine learning based high resolution image using ship detection. Objective:  The main aim of this project is used to identify the ship detection of the land and sea in by using machine learning techniques. ABSTRACT           With the sustainable enhancement of r..

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