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A Deep Learning-Based Efficient Firearms Monitoring Technique for Building Secure Smart Cities


Aim:           The aim of this study is to detect weapon by employing YOLO v8, focusing on better accuracy.Abstract:          This research introduces an advanced approach utilizing YOLO v8 for more accurate and efficient firearm and weapon detection in t..

A Lightweight Robust Deep Learning Model Gained High Accuracy in Classifying a Wide Range of Diabetic Retinopathy Images


Aim:          To detect and identify the Diabetic disease detection using Deep-Learning techniques.Abstract:           In the field of diabetic retinopathy detection, this study introduces a novel, lightweight, and robust deep learning model that achieves rema..

A Machine Learning Framework for Early-Stage Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders


Aim:          To apply machine learning techniques result in improving the accuracy in the prediction of Autism Spectrum DisorderAbstract:       Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a type of neuro developmental disorder that affects the everyday life of affected patients. Thou..

A Machine Learning-Based Classification and Prediction Technique for DDoS Attacks


Aim:          We proposed a complete systematic approach to detect DDOS attack using machine learning algorithm.Abstract:       Distributed network attacks are referred to as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks take advantage of specific limitations t..

A Modular Ice Cream Factory Dataset on Anomalies in Sensors to Support Machine Learning Research in Manufacturing Systems


Aim:        The aim of creating a modular ice cream factory dataset on anomalies in sensors to support machine learning research in manufacturing systems is to provide a valuable resource for the development and evaluation of machine learning models and anomaly detection algorithms in the context of manufacturing...

A Rotational Libra R-CNN Method for Ship Detection


Aim:      To automate the detection of presence of ships and to classify the types of ships available in the given Image.   Synopsis:        The detection of inshore and offshore ships is an essential task for a large variety of applications in both military and civilian fields. For example..

A System Design With Deep Learning and IoT to Ensure Education Continuity for Post-COVID


Aim:          Ensure education continuity for post-covid it used to make a attendance for a student with face detection and ensure student were a mask.  Abstract:          Deep learning-based comprehensive study to reduce the effects of COVID-19 on the ed..

Accident Prevention and Detection System using IoT Integrated in an Electric Pole


Objective:          The mainstay of the project is to design and develop a system is to prevent accidents occurring due to unaware of the vehicles approaching from other turns towards them, using IoT.Introduction:In today’s world, the technology has skyrocketed and has an impact on almost everyone’s life..

An Approach for Prediction of Loan Approval using Machine Learning Algorithm


Aim:          To determine the loan approval system using machine learning algorithms.Abstract:            Loan approval is a very important process for banking organizations. The systems approved or reject the loan applications. Recovery of loans is a ma..

An Approach to Control the PC with Hand Gesture Recognition using Computer Vision Technique


Aim:          Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) can be defined as communication between user and computer system so that both will be able to exchange information. For a long time, Keyboards and mouse are the main basis of HCIAbstract:            Huma..

An Integrated Multi-Task Model for Fake News Detection


Aim:             To enhance the assigning accuracy of former methods in fake news detection using advanced methods.Abstract:           We are in the age of information, everytime we read a piece of information or watch the news on TV, we look fo..

An OCR Post-Correction Approach Using Deep Learning for Processing Medical Reports


Aim:          Optical character recognition (OCR) can be used for the online retrieval of the printed material such as medical documents, forms, or applications for retrieving valuable information that was available in the printed documents. Deep learning approaches have been used to solve natural langua..

Automated Smart Attendance System Using Face Recognition


Aim:                 To detect and recognize the face using real time attendance system based on LBPH algorithm. Abstract:            Face recognition can be considered one of the most successful biometric identification..

Auxiliary Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Based on Machine Learning and Hybrid Strategy


Aim:           The primary aim of this study is to develop a robust and accurate auxiliary diagnostic system for breast cancer by integrating machine learning techniques with a hybrid strategy.Abstract:             Breast cancer has replaced lung can..

Big Data Analyzing Techniques in Mathematical House Price Prediction Model


Aim:             As the house price prediction is vital for both the Ill-being of the public and the economic development, many experts in different research fields have explored and predicted it with the machine-learning strategies. Because the price is susceptible to multiple factors, it..

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