Introduction to Arduino

   What is Arduino

   What is a Microcontroller

   The Arduino Uno

   Arduino IDE and the Language

   Powering and Connecting Your Arduino

   Example Program

   Using Inputs and Outputs

   Decision Making and Using Logic

   Data Manipulation and EEPROM

   Libraries, Serial Data and Hardware

   Introduction to IoT

   Bluetooth HC-06 key features and pin configuration

Home Automation (IoT)

   Home Automation - Initiating the setup function

   Home Automation - Defining the condition and declaring the Voice commands

   Home Automation - Define voice commands and Compiling the code

   Home Automation - Error debugging and Uploading the code into Arduino


   Setting up the Home appliances and Explaining the circuit diagram

   Circuit Diagram

   Source code of the project

   Real time demonstration - Mobile app download and Connect to the device