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3 Axis Painting Machine


Aim:            The main stay of the project is to design, mechanize and fabrication of a remote controlled 3-axis wall painting machine with a sprayer powered by a compressor.Proposed System:            Here we are going to use a machine w..


3 Axis Slider Machine


Aim:-               3 Axis Slider machine is a process of applying Arc Welding on between surfaces of any object and using with Sensor. Existing:-              Arc welding machine is a process of applying Arc Weldi..


3 Axis Tilting Trailer Pneumatic


Aim :             The aim this project the vehicles can be unloaded from the trailer in three axes without application of any impact force. Proposed system:             In this project has mainly concentrated on this difficu..

360 Degree Trailer


Aim:            The main stay of the project is to design, mechanize and fabrication of a 360 degree trailer which can tur or rotate in 360 degrees. Proposed System:           Here we are going to create a 360 degree trailer which can easily mo..

A Framework to Make Voting System Transparent Using Blockchain Technology


Aim:           We are presenting a new e-Voting System with Face Verification that will overcome the drawbacks of the current voting methods that are used in India.Abstract:          Currently, the voting system in India is in efficient and vulnerable to outer..

A Lightweight Robust Deep Learning Model Gained High Accuracy in Classifying a Wide Range of Diabetic Retinopathy Images


Aim:          To detect and identify the Diabetic disease detection using Deep-Learning techniques.Abstract:           In the field of diabetic retinopathy detection, this study introduces a novel, lightweight, and robust deep learning model that achieves rema..

A LoRa-based Smart Street Lighting System for Smart Cities


Aim:             Aim of this project is smart street lamp for energy efficient using system implemented by ESP8266. Light intensity is high or low it is based on human count.Introduction:             This paper is proposed highly ..

A LoRaWAN IoT Enabled Trash Bin Level Monitoring System


Aim: The main aim of the project is to monitor and manage the trash bin in Urban using Lora and IoT.   Introduction:           Garbage, is a primary potential source of pollution.  However, it is an inevitable by-product of human activity. Municipal solid waste management rema..

A Machine Learning Framework for Early-Stage Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders


Aim:          To apply machine learning techniques result in improving the accuracy in the prediction of Autism Spectrum DisorderAbstract:       Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a type of neuro developmental disorder that affects the everyday life of affected patients. Thou..

A Machine Learning-Based Classification and Prediction Technique for DDoS Attacks


Aim:          We proposed a complete systematic approach to detect DDOS attack using machine learning algorithm.Abstract:       Distributed network attacks are referred to as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks take advantage of specific limitations t..

A Modular Ice Cream Factory Dataset on Anomalies in Sensors to Support Machine Learning Research in Manufacturing Systems


Aim:        The aim of creating a modular ice cream factory dataset on anomalies in sensors to support machine learning research in manufacturing systems is to provide a valuable resource for the development and evaluation of machine learning models and anomaly detection algorithms in the context of manufacturing...

A Novel Approach for a Smart Early Flood Detection and Awareness System using IoT


Aim:                    Our aim is to develop a model which can be fixed to a dam or on the riverbanks for real-time monitoring of various parameters like Water level, Temperature, Rain, and Humidity for flood management. Introduction:  &nbs..

A Novel Model for Optimization of Resource Utilization in Smart Agriculture System Using IoT


Aim:            The mainstay of the project is to monitor the different values of the soil and to correct the value by adding necessary ingredients to achieve the desired value for crops Using IoT.Introduction:             In this conc..

A Novel Multipurpose Watermarking Scheme Capable of Protecting and Authenticating Images with Tamper Detection and Localisation Abilities


Abstract:            In this paper, a digital watermarking method is proposed which is based on Contourlet wavelet transform (CT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). In the encryption process, the host image is decomposed into sub-bands using single level of Contourlet wavelet transform and..

A Real Time, Wireless And Low Cost Data Acquisition System For Residential Pv Modules


Aim:           Aim of this projects is to build a Weather and Load forecasting system for residential microgrid systems using machine learning algorithm.Introduction:           Sustainable development and environmental issues are crucial objectives ..

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