Block Chain

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Blockchain-Based Adaptive Trust Management in Internet of Vehicles Using Smart Contract


Aim            The main aim of this project is providing the secure communication between the two cars in VANET environment. Synopsis          The Internet of vehicles (IoV) provides new opportunities for the coordination of vehicles for enhancing safety..

d-BAME Distributed Blockchain-Based Anonymous Mobile Electronic Voting


Aim:          We are presenting a new e-Voting System with Fingerprint scanning that will overcome the drawbacks of the current voting methods that are used in India.Synopsis:          Currently, the voting system in India is in efficient and vulnerable to out..

KiRTi: A Blockchain-based Credit Recommender System for Financial Institutions


Aim        The main aim of this project to remove the third party agent between the perspective lenders and perspective borrowers.AbstractIn this paper, we propose KiRTi, a deep-learning based credit-recommender scheme for public blockchain to facilitate smart lending operations between prospective borrowers (..

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