Cyber Security

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A Novel Multipurpose Watermarking Scheme Capable of Protecting and Authenticating Images with Tamper Detection and Localisation Abilities


Abstract:            In this paper, a digital watermarking method is proposed which is based on Contourlet wavelet transform (CT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). In the encryption process, the host image is decomposed into sub-bands using single level of Contourlet wavelet transform and..

BSFR-SH: Blockchain-Enabled Security Framework against Ransomware Attacks for Smart Healthcare


Aim:            Our study aims to introduce a Blockchain-Enabled Security Framework against Ransomware Attacks using Machine Learning to ensure high protection and prevention. Abstract:          RANSOMWARE is a type of malware attack in which the att..

Classifying Swahili Smishing Attacks for Mobile Money Users: A Machine-Learning Approach


Aim:           Massive adoption of mobile money in countries, the global transaction value of   mobile money exceeded $2 billion in 2021. Projections show transaction values will exceed $3 billion by the end of 2022, Spammers use Smishing (SMS Phishing) messages to trick a mobile money use..

DEA-RNN: A Hybrid Deep Learning Approach for Cyberbullying Detection in Twitter Social Media Platform


Aim:            Cyberbullying (CB) has become increasingly prevalent in social media platforms. With the popularity and widespread use of social media by individuals of all ages, it is vital to make social media platforms safer from cyberbullying. This esents a hybrid Machine learning model, to..

Emoji, Sentiment and Emotion Aided Cyberbullying Detection in Hinglish


Aim:          Cyber bulling is described as the serious, intentional, and repetitive acts of a person’s cruelty toward others using various digital technologies. It is mainly expressed through nasty tweets, texts, or other social media posts. So we analyzing sentiment, emoji and bully detection to contro..

Fraud Detection in Banking Data by Machine Learning Technique


Aim:          The aim is to leverage the power of machine learning to create efficient and accurate fraud detection systems that protect the interests of both financial institutions and their customers.Abstract:          As technology advanced and e-commerce s..

Phishing URL Detection: A Real-Case Scenario Through Login URLs


Aim:             To provide an automated system for recognition the real-case Scenario through login URLsAbstract:           Phishing is a social engineering cyber attack where criminals deceive users to obtain their credentials through a l..

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