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Test-Friendly Data-Selectable Self-Gating (DSSG)


Abstract◦        Clock networks consume large amounts of dynamic power,Clock gating is a common method for dynamic power reduction, and XOR self-gating is one of the useful clock gating methods for reducing meaningless clock toggling to provide extreme power reduction.◦       ..

Text Mining and Emotion Classification on Monkey pox Twitter Dataset A Deep Learning Natural Language Processing NLP Approach


Aim:         To conduct an in depth analysis of emotions expressed by individuals on social media in response to the monkey pox outbreak. Synopsis:       The presented work outlines a research study focused on the emotion classification of social media responses to the monkey pox..

The Effect of Fake Reviews on e-Commerce during and After Covid-19 Pandemic: SKL-Based Fake Reviews Detection


Aim:          To detect SKL-Based fake reviews on e-Commerce with using couples of machine learning algorithm based on sentiment analysis.Abstract:            The outbreak of Covid-19 and the enforcement of lockdown, social distancing, and other precautio..

Three Axis Tilting Trailer


Aim:            The main stay of the project is to design, mechanize and fabrication of a Three axis trailer powered by pneumatics.Proposed System:            Here we are going to create a three axis tilting trailer which uses pneumatics to..

Time Series Analysis based Tamilnadu Monsoon Rainfall Prediction using Seasonal ARIMA


Aim:           Analyze the rain fall data from database for rain prediction.Abstract:                                    &nbs..

Time Series Forecasting and Modeling of Food Demand Supply Chain Based on Regressors Analysis


Aim:Develop a methodology that combines the robustness of ARIMA and SARIMA models with the explanatory power of regressors analysis to improve forecasting accuracy within the food supply chainAbstract:This study aims to improve the accuracy of forecasting and modeling in the food demand-supply chain by integrating ARIMA (AutoRegressive Integrated M..

Timed Speed Breaker Power Generation


ABSTRACT          The main stay of the project is to design, mechanize and fabrication of a Timed speed breaker power generation system. Power generation are done by various methods, most of them uses nonrenewable resources such as coal. Some use renewable resources such as solar power, wind power etc. T..

Top-k Dominating Queries on Skyline Groups


Aim       The main aim of this paper is to study the problem of secure skyline queries over encrypted data. The skyline query is particularly important for multi-criteria decision making but also presents significant challenges due to its complex computations. Synopsis     &n..

Toward Fast and Accurate Violence Detection for Automated Video Surveillance Applications


Aim:           To detect and identify the Violation detection using Deep-Learning techniques.Abstract:        The widespread deployment of surveillance cameras, enabled by digital video technologies, has created an overwhelming volume of data that poses challenges for r..

Toward Verifiable Phrase Search Phrase Search Over Encrypted Cloud IOT Data


Aim:            The main aim of the project is search the encrypted data files using query phrase in the cloud server.Abstract:            Phrase Search Encryption, is the important technique in cloud-based IOT system. It plays an important..

Traffic Signs Recognition using CNN and Keras


Aim:            To detect and identify the Traffic Signs detection using CNN.Abstract:         Traffic sign recognition and detection are critical in expert systems for effectively recognizing traffic signs along the road, such as left hair pin bend, parking l..

Transfer Learning Strategies for Credit Card Fraud Detection


Aim:        The main aim of the project is to identify the Credit card Fraud transaction that has been initiated by the any user and to avoid that type of transaction.Synopsis:        The rapid increase of online transaction has given rise to a significant amount. However, the In..

Twitter Spam Detection Using Natural Language Processing by Encoder Decoder Model


Aim:             To enhance the assigning accuracy of former methods in spam detection in Twitter using advanced methods.Synopsis:             Social networking sites have become very popular in recent years. Users use them to find new frie..

Two Wheeler Front Wheel Drive


Aim           All automobile two wheeler engines consume the petroleum fuel. Considering the demand of fuel and cost of fuel, other resources of energy is required to operate the vehicle. So that we go for other type of energy like electric power, solar power etc…       &nbs..

Two Wheeler Tractor


Aim:          The main stay of the project is to design, mechanize and fabrication of an two wheeler tractor by modifying the rear wheel. Proposed System:         Here we are going to create a two wheeler tractor by modifying the rear wheel setup of a regular two ..

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