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Automatic Vehicle Tracking with Roadside LiDAR Data for the Connected-Vehicles System


Aim:             Aim of this project is IoT based intelligent traffic system. The rules braking vehicles are tracking and controlling by traffic system.Introduction:            Connected-vehicles (CV) technologies are designed to..

Bio Touch Pass: Handwritten Passwords for Touch screen Biometrics


Aim: The main aim of this project is to develop user-friendly mobile applications ensuring data protection and high security. Synopsis: ..

Biobin For Safe Handling And Disposing Of Biomedical Waste During Covid '19


Objective:             Aim of the project is to build a movable smart dustbin to help COVID affected patients which can be controlled by android application. Abstract:           The world’s most populous country is India which faces a major proble..

Biometric Based Smart ATM Using RFID


Aim:           The aim of the project is RFID and finger print sensor based ATM system for high secured money transaction. This system is authentication based third person allow to access technology.  Abstract:              An..

Blockchain-Based Adaptive Trust Management in Internet of Vehicles Using Smart Contract


Aim            The main aim of this project is providing the secure communication between the two cars in VANET environment. Synopsis          The Internet of vehicles (IoV) provides new opportunities for the coordination of vehicles for enhancing safety..

Blockchain-based Decentralized Trust Management System using vehicular networks


Aim:This project we are going to Provide Trusted Update on Traffic Status so that we can minimize the traffic jam based on blockchain techniques. Synopsis: In this project we are a going to provide the service of Trust Management which means it is a communication system between various vehicles present in different locations. The mai..

Blockchain-Based Public Integrity Verification for Cloud Storage against Procrastinating auditors


 Aim:        The main aim of this project is to provide a reliable and secure cloud service and also increase trustworthiness of certifications by Continuous Auditing.Introduction:        An increasing number of organizations outsource their data, applications and bu..

Borewell Rescue Machine


Aim:     An innovative concept proposed in this papers to handle bore well rescue operation. Proposed system:     The proposed prototype performs the rescuing actions more precisely in very limited time. Children often falls down in bore hole which is left uncovered and get trapped. It is difficult as well a..

Brain Tumor Identification and Classification of MRI images using deep learning techniques


Aim: To detect and identify the Brain Tumor using Deep-Learning techniques  Abstract:Brain is the controlling unit of human body. It regulates the functions such as memory, vision, hearing, knowledge, personality, problem solving etc. The main reason for brain tumors is the uncontrolled development of brain cells. In medical practices..

Brain tumor segmentation and its area calculation in brain MR images using K-mean clustering and Fuzzy C-mean


Abstract:          Brain tumor identification is really challenging task in early stages of life. But now it became advanced with deep-learning. Now a day’s issue of brain tumor automatic identification is of great interest. In Order to detect the brain tumor of a patient we consider the data of pati..

Camera and Biometric based Vehicle Monitoring System for Public Safety


Aim:            Aim of the project is to build a vehicle authentication system for public safety using AI and IoT features.Synopsis:          Most of the times vehicles used in the crime would be a stolen one. To avoid such thefts, we need to inc..

Cardiac-DeepIED: Automatic Pixel-Level Deep Segmentation for Cardiac Bi-Ventricle Using Improved End-to-End Encoder-Decoder Network


Abstract:              Accurate segmentation of cardiac bi-ventricle (CBV) from magnetic resonance (MR) images has a great significance to analyze and evaluate the function of the cardiovascular system. However, the majority of cardiac MR images show that the similar intensity distribu..

Cascaded Segmentation Detection Networks for Text Based Traffic Sign Detection


Abstract:           Since texts in traffic signs have precise and rich semantic information related to traffic condition, text-based traffic sign detection plays an important role in the autonomous driving and auxiliary driving of Intelligent Transportation System, just as traffic congestion det..

Checking Only When It Is Necessary: Enabling Integrity Auditing Based on the Keyword with Sensitive Information Privacy for Encrypted Cloud Data


Aim :         The main aim of this project is to provide a reliable and secure cloud service and also increase trustworthiness of files uploaded in cloud by Continuous Automatic Auditing.­­Abstract:          Cloud Computing enables the remote users to access data, servi..

CMAPS: A Chess-Based Multi-Facet Password Scheme for Mobile Devices


Aim:The main aim of this project is to give high secured Authentication password scheme which user can easily remember. Synopsis:The popularity of mobile devices is due to a unique set of features including ubiquitous Internet access through communication technologies such as WiFi and 4G/LTE, easy to use touch-based inputs, and numerous ap..

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