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Ship Detection and Segmentation using Unet


Aim:           To automate the detection of presence of ships and to classify the types of ships available in the given Image.Synopsis:         The detection of inshore and offshore ships is an essential task for a large variety of applications in both military and civilian fields. The sur..

Sleep Apnea Detection From Single-Lead ECG: A Comprehensive Analysis of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms


Aim:             We proposed detecting Sleep Apnea Detection From Single-Lead ECG. The advancement of smart wearables technologies has provided a unique opportunity for sleep and health monitoring. However, wearable technologies rely on accurate and real-time monitoring algorithms.Abstract..

Smart Electricity Meter Monitoring and Prediction using iSocket


Aim:          Aim of the project is to build a smart home automation system to control home appliances, monitor the power consumed by the appliances and predict the power consumption using machine learning algorithm.Synopsis:          In order to implement the..

The Effect of Fake Reviews on e-Commerce during and After Covid-19 Pandemic: SKL-Based Fake Reviews Detection


Aim:          To detect SKL-Based fake reviews on e-Commerce with using couples of machine learning algorithm based on sentiment analysis.Abstract:            The outbreak of Covid-19 and the enforcement of lockdown, social distancing, and other precautio..

Toward Fast and Accurate Violence Detection for Automated Video Surveillance Applications


Aim:           To detect and identify the Violation detection using Deep-Learning techniques.Abstract:        The widespread deployment of surveillance cameras, enabled by digital video technologies, has created an overwhelming volume of data that poses challenges for r..

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