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Time Series Forecasting and Modeling of Food Demand Supply Chain Based on Regressors Analysis


Aim:Develop a methodology that combines the robustness of ARIMA and SARIMA models with the explanatory power of regressors analysis to improve forecasting accuracy within the food supply chainAbstract:This study aims to improve the accuracy of forecasting and modeling in the food demand-supply chain by integrating ARIMA (AutoRegressive Integrated M..

Toward Fast and Accurate Violence Detection for Automated Video Surveillance Applications


Aim:           To detect and identify the Violation detection using Deep-Learning techniques.Abstract:        The widespread deployment of surveillance cameras, enabled by digital video technologies, has created an overwhelming volume of data that poses challenges for r..

Traffic Signs Recognition using CNN and Keras


Aim:            To detect and identify the Traffic Signs detection using CNN.Abstract:         Traffic sign recognition and detection are critical in expert systems for effectively recognizing traffic signs along the road, such as left hair pin bend, parking l..

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