Digital Image Processing

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A Weakly-Supervised Framework for COVID-19 Classification and Lesion Localization from Chest CT



Approximate DCT Design for Video Encoding Based on Novel Truncation Scheme


Abstract              Discrete cosine transform (DCT) is significantly important and widely utilized in signal compression. Through DCT, spatial signals can be converted to frequency domain, in which each signal is decomposed of components at different frequencies. For natural signals,..

Learning Inductive Attention Guidance for Partially Supervised Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Prediction


                        Technology: Machine Learning                             &nbs..

Pixel RL: Fully Convolutional Network with Reinforcement Learning for Image Processing


                                    Technology: Image Processing                     ..

Semantic Boundary Detection with Reinforcement Learning For Continuous Sign Language Recognition


                                    Technology: Machine Learning                  Too..

Soft-Edge Assisted Network for Single Image Super-Resolution


                                            Domain: Image Processing          &..

Stress Detection in Computer Users From Keyboard and Mouse Dynamics


Alternate Title: Dynamic Cat Boost enabled Stress level detection system using keyboard and mouse striking styleAbstract The impact of digital gadgets is enormous in the current Internet world because of the easy accessibility,   flexibility and time saving benefits for the consumers. The number of computer users is increasing every y..

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