MATLAB – Design & System Modeling


   Introduction to MATLAB

   Historical Background & Applications

   Scope of MATLAB

   Importance to Engineers

   Features & MATLAB Windows

Data Flow

   Operations with variables

   Naming and Checking Existence

   Clearing Operations

   Matrix Operations & Operators

   Reshaping Matrices

Data Handling

   Importing Exporting Of Data

   Arrays, Data types

   File Input-Output

   Communication with external devices

Editing & Debugging

   Writing script files

   Writing functions

   Error Correction

   Saving files


   Flow control

   Conditional Statements

   Error Handling

   Work with multidimensional array

   Cell Array & Characters


   Developing user defined function

   Scripts and other Functions

   Basic Technical Level Computing with MATLAB

Matlab Graphics

   Simple graphics

   Graphic Types

   Plotting functions

   Creating plot & editing plot (2D and 3D)

   Graphics Handles

   Image Processing Toolbox

   Reading and Writing Image Data

   Displaying and Exploring Image

   Spatial Transformation

   Image Registration

   Designing and implementing 2D linear Filters for Image Data

Image Analysis

   Morphological Operations


   Analyzing and Enhancing Images

   ROI based Processing

   Neighborhood and Block operations

Computer Vision Systems Toolbox

   Input, Output, and Conversions

   Display and Graphics

   Registration and Stereo Vision

Video Estimation

   Motion Estimation and Tracking

   Geometric Transformations

   Filters, Transforms, and Enhancements

   Project Based on Image & Computer Vision

Neural Network Toolbox

   Network Objects, Data, and Training Styles

   Multilayer Networks and Back propagation Training

   Control Systems

   Radial Basis Networks

Adaptive Algorithms

   Self-Organizing and Learning

   Vector Quantization Nets

   Adaptive Filters and Adaptive Training

   Project Based on Fuzzy & Neural Network

Hardware Interfacing

   UART Configurations

   ARDIUNO Interface

   ARDIUNO based application development