Mechanical Engineering


This Workshop studies about the capability to visualize designs in 3D. This is an introductory course for all new users of SOLIDWORKS. The Solidworks CAD software a mechanical design automation application that lets designers quickly sketch out ideas, experiments with features and dimensions, and produce models and details drawings. This document discusses the concept and terminology used throughout the Solidworks application. It familiarizes you with the commonly used functions of Solidworks.

Parts are the basic building blocks in the Solidworks software. Assemblies contain parts of other assemblies called subassemblies. A Solidworks model consists of 3D Geometry that defines its edges faces and surfaces. The Solidworks software lets you to design models quickly and precisely.


This workshop based on, understanding the basic fundamental analysis of the automotive components and any other parts. Ansys is a software package that lets you digitally model real-world uses computer-based numerical techniques to solve physics problems. The range of problems Ansys can solve is immense and could be anything from fluid flow, Heat transfer, stress analysis, and more

The real power of an FEA or CFD package such as Ansys is that it can solve problems that are not amenable to an analytical approach. That is they don’t have a standard formula. Ansys Mechanical is our dynamic integrated platform that uses finite element Analysis (FEA) for structural analysis. Mechanical is an adynamic environment that has a complete range of analysis tools from preparing geometry for analysis tools to form preparing for analysis for connecting additional physics for even greater fidelity. The intuitive and customizable user interface enables engineers of all levels to get Ansys fast and with confidence.


This Workshop studies about the capability to visualize designs in 3D. This is an introductory course for all new users of NX [Uni-Graphics]. Siemens NX software is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the Digital twin supporting every aspect of the product development, from concept design through engineering and manufacturing. NX gives you can integrate toolset that coordinates disciplines, preserves data integrity and design intent, and streamlines the entire process.


This workshop based on, understanding the basic fundamental analysis of the automotive components and any other parts. Hypermesh software a computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulations software platform the training enables the training to create finite element models for analysis and prepare high-quality meshes in an efficient manner. This program offers the skills needed to work with geometry editing tools for preparing CAD Models for the meshing process. During the Hypermesh training, the attendees will have knowledge about the batch meshing technique that facilitates users to mesh several files in the background to match the standards set by users.


Engine Workshop

This workshop based on, practical oriented course of Dis-mantling and assembling of the internal combustion engine. And is designed to improve the participant’s skills in following the procedures and safe practices required during overhauling some of the important auxiliary machineries and auxiliary internal combustion engine. A skilled engineer has to continuously enhance his technological skills, with an appropriate assessment and evaluation process to guide him.

It allows him to gain confidence, estimate time and manpower requirement in the maintenance of equipment commonly placed under his care. It will make him understand the problem faced by the crew members in certain equipment’s and tasks and be able to appreciate the need for co-ordinated teamwork.

Creo Parametric

This Workshop studies the fundamental of how to design and uses of the software. Creo elements can be used t create a complete 3D digital model of manufactured goods. The model consists of 2D and 3D solid model data which can also be used downstream in finite element analysis, rapid prototyping, tooling design, and CNC manufacturing. All data are associative and interchangeable between the CAD, CAE and CAM modules without Conversion.

Creo Elements (formerly pro/Engineer), PTC’s parametric, integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE Solution is Used by manufactures for mechanical engineering, design, and manufacturing. The parametric modeling approach uses parameters, dimensions, feature, and relationships to capture intended model behavior.


This Workshop studies about the capability to visualize designs in 3D. This is an introductory course for all new users of CATIA V5. Gain an understanding of the CATIA V5 interface and how to use CATIAV5 to create solid model parts, assemblies, and drawings. Understand how to manage parts in the context of an assembly. This is a hands-on course were students produce simple parts drawings and assemblies.

The new interface and functionalities of the 3Dexperience platform. You will learn how to connect to the platform, manage your projects. You will also learn how to use different features-based tools to build, review, and modify a model. You will learn to create and analyze assemblies and to produce a drawing with different views. Finally, you will learn how to dimension and annotate the drawing views.

3D Printing

The workshop based on practical oriented courses to have think3D manufactures. 3D printing is a disruptive technology changing the fundamentals dynamics of manufacturing. The future of 3D Printing is bright and is an increasingly important pillar in the manufacturing renaissance. Now, there are growing numbers of use-cases and demonstrable business benefits proving that additive can be used as a mainstream manufacturing technology.

We offer about the intro of the 3DPrintings, various technologies, Design/3D Scanning, Slicing tools, Application etc… and how to create a 3D printing parts with slice and scale methods in a practical section. And what type of materials is also used for printing the 3d models drawn in the designing softwares.