Introduction to VLSI Technology

   Design perspectives

   History of Chip Design

   VLSI Applications

Digital Design

   Digital Electronics

   Logic design techniques

   Timing Analysis

   Look up tables

   Needs & principles

Digital Signals

    Types of Signals

   Mixed signal handling

   Signal Representation

   Signal Processing techniques

   Error reduction

Vlsi Tools

   Various Tools for VLSI

   Logic Design tools

   Simulation Tools

   Implementation Tools

   Spice Tools

Fpga & Asic

   Types of FPGA & ASIC

   Selecting Best FPGA

   ASIC Design flow

Industrial Applications

   Real time applications

   VLSI Design in Communication Field

   VLSI Design in Research & Development

Design Strategies

   Internal structure


   Boundary Scan

   Floor planning

Vlsi Design & Implementation

   Layout modeling


   VHDL Statements

   VHDL Data types

   VHDL Process handling


   Error handling

Concurrent Design

   Concurrent architecture

   LUT Design

   Area utilization

   Design strategies

Sequential Design

   Sequential architecture

   Low Power design techniques

   Area utilization

   Power measurement

   Delay measurement

Finite State Machine

   Multi tasking

   MPSOC Design

   Interfacing Strategies

Algorithm Development

   Low power algorithms


   Euclidean Geometry LDPC

   Image Processing

FPGA Configuration

   FPGA Hardware Interfacing

   PIN Configuration

   Power analysis

   Design Validation

   Test Equipments