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A Rotational Libra R-CNN Method for Ship Detection

Aim:      To automate the detection of presence of ships and to classify the types of ships available in the

An Approach for Prediction of Loan Approval using Machine Learning Algorithm

Aim:           To determine the loan approval system using machine learning algorithms. Abstract:             Loan approval is a very

Automatic Detection and Monitoring of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Efficient Convolutional NeuralNetworks

Aim:             This paper aim to detect the diabetic disease identification using deep learning methods. Abstract: Diabetic Retinopathy is

Crop Yield Prediction based on Indian Agriculture using Machine Learning

Aim:           To be precise and accurate in predicting crop yield and deliver the end user with proper

Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fire Detection

Aim:           To efficient RCNN based system for fire detection in videos captured in uncertain surveillance scenarios Synopsis:             Vision

Deep Neural Architecture for Face mask Detection on Simulated Masked Face Dataset against Covid-19 Pandemic

Aim:               To apply the Deep Learning techniques based on convolution neural network improving the face mask detector accuracy. Synopsis:

Driver-Drowsiness Detection System Using Facial Features

Aim:             This paper aim to detect Real time driver’s fatigue state using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Synopsis:           Accidents

Effective Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques

Aim:            To apply machine learning techniques result in improving the accuracy in the prediction of cardiovascular disease. Abstract:            

Lung Lesion Localization of COVID-19 From Chest CT Image: A Novel Weakly Supervised Learning Method

Aim:             To detect the COVID-19 using CT images by using Convolutional neural network Abstract:             The Corona-virus 2019(COVID-19), which

Prediction of Flood in Bangladesh using k-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm

Aim:            Analyze the flood data from database for flood prediction. Abstract:                                      The unusual rainfall and global climate change

Predictive Analytics on Diabetes Data using Machine Learning Techniques

Aim:         To help doctors and practitioners in early prediction of diabetes using machine learning techniques. Abstract:          Diabetes caused