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A LoRa-based Smart Street Lighting System for Smart Cities

Aim:             Aim of this project is smart street lamp for energy efficient using system implemented by ESP8266. Light intensity

A LoRaWAN IoT Enabled Trash Bin Level Monitoring System

Aim:            The main aim of the project is to monitor and manage the trash bin in Urban using Lora

A Metrological Fuel Surveillance Application Based on Internet of Intelligent Vehicles

Objective              Main goal is to supervise the fuel consumption of vehicles and to get the location of nearest fuel

A Novel Approach for a Smart Early Flood Detection and Awareness System using IoT

Aim:                    Our aim is to develop a model which can be fixed to a dam or on the riverbanks

A Novel Model for Optimization of Resource Utilization in Smart Agriculture System Using IoT

Aim:             The mainstay of the project is to monitor the different values of the soil and to correct the

A Smart Home Automation and Metering System Using Internet of Things IoT

Aim:            Aim of this project is IoT based energy calculating and energy meter updating smart home automation system. Introduction:             Enhancement

A vanet-iot based accident detection and Management system for the emergency rescue

Aim:           The aim of this project is biometric sensor based accident speed dial system for the emergency Rescue service

Accident Prevention and Detection System using IoT Integrated in an Electric Pole

Objective:           The mainstay of the project is to design and develop a system is to prevent accidents occurring due

An Analysis of Li-Fi based Prevalent Automated Billing Systems in Shopping Malls

Aim:           Aim of the project is IoT based automated billing machine for shopping malls. This over all process is

An Improved Agriculture Plant Disease Detection and Monitoring Using IOT

Aim:                        The Mainstay of the project is to develop a robot to identify and spray insecticides and hydrate plants.

An IoT-Based Intelligent System for Real-Time Parking Monitoring and Automatic Billing

Aim:           The aim of the project, IOT based fully automated parking system for vehicle parking stations implemented by microcontroller

An IoT-based Sag Monitoring System for Overhead Transmission Lines

Aim:           Aim of this project is automatic transmission line stand fall detection and power monitoring system in agriculture field.