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Agricultural Loan Recommender System – A Machine Learning Approach

Aim:           To determine the loan approval system using machine learning algorithms. Abstract:             Loan approval is a very

Application of IoT and Artificial Intelligence in Road Safety

Aim:                This paper explores the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning in the field of

Crop Yield Prediction based on Indian Agriculture using Machine Learning

Aim:           To be precise and accurate in predicting crop yield and deliver the end user with proper

Crop Yield Prediction Using Random Forest Algorithm

Aim:                Predict the crop type and price of the crop using machine learning methodology with accurate results. Abstract             

Denoising in the Dark: Privacy Preserving Deep Neural Network Based Image Denoising

Abstract           Large volumes of images are being exponentially generated today from various kinds of imaging devices (smart phones, medical

Design of face detection and recognition system monitor students during online examinations using Machine Learning algorithms

Aim:             To ease the process of attendance during online classes and to prevent malpractice during online assessments.  Abstract:          

Detection of Careless Responses in Online Surveys

Abstract:            Some respondents make careless responses due to the ‘‘satisficing,’’ which is an attempt to complete a questionnaire as

Effective Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques

Aim:            To apply machine learning techniques result in improving the accuracy in the prediction of cardiovascular disease. Abstract:            

Face Detection and Recognition for Criminal Identification System

Aim:                 To detect and recognize the face and we can differentiate between citizen and criminals and further investigate

Group-Based Skyline for Pareto Optimal Groups

Aim        The main aim of this project is to study the problem of secure skyline queries over encrypted data.

Human Activity Recognition Through Ensemble Learning of Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks

Aim:                This paper aim to classify the different types of videos using deep learning framework with convolution neural network

Intelligent Crop Recommendation System using Machine Learning

Aim:          Predict the crop yield and deliver the end user with proper recommendations about required fertilizer ratio based on