Android – A Future of Infinite Possibilities

Since 2008 we have borne witness to a plethora of life-changing events but none has had the resounding impact as the introduction of the Android Phone. Remember the times when we needed our desktop or laptop to connect to a social media site or chat room in order to interact with friends and family or when we used to purchase maps or ask for directions, when shopping or recharging was done the old fashioned way of going to a store and purchasing our needs, and many more such examples of how none of these seem to be easy anymore. Android applications has indeed “eased our way of living”, it has brought the concept of controlling a digitized version of ourselves with the ease of a touch or swipe of our fingers. Since its infancy in 2008, the android app market has now grown into a blooming industry where innovation and progressive technology go hand in and in creating a culture where we are now dependent on a smart digitized source to ease our lives. The brilliant aspect of the android OS is its ability to continually transcend into a more dynamic version leaving us with a future of infinite possibilities.

Android applications hold the Lion’s share of the smart phone market. Possibly due to the fact that android based smart phones attract more users due to its varying price range (from cheap to expensive) and the feasibility of its app store for both users and developers.  Most experts predict that the android market will surge ahead to even more heights by 2020 even though it makes about 5 times less money per download than IOS apps. Based on demographics, the android phones dominate sales in the emerging markets and still do narrowly lead in western markets as well.

One of the challenges for developers is to develop an app which is rare, specialized and in high demand. The app should be able to create a niche amongst users for its features, design and most importantly it should be user friendly.  Maps may play a vital role in the future of android devices as Google keeps using user generated content to keep an up to date track of the world view and by keeping a track of our every movement.  Now imagine visiting a new city and having a list of places and cuisine that is filtered to your specific interest appear in your phone and let imagine that through smart restaurants you can pre-order your meal on your drive to the restaurant with your meal waiting for you just as you arrive. Messaging services might also see a boost through a Unified Messaging System which combines all your e-mails, messages and chat into one standard application. Wearable accessories have already created a huge buzz through the smart watch and glass. Through these wearable glasses we may never need a camera and maybe be able to save any memory from our own point of view.  With most economies opting to digitize their banking system, the android in the future may be able to replace the cash system if a secure remote processed identification tool  on the android device can allow us to seamlessly access our account information and make payment according to our location . For instance, we can get forgo huge queues while shopping and buy our stuff and walk out of the store while our payments is done through a series of remotely connected systems.

Career scope:

Development of android apps is expected to rapidly increase in the future and with the rising demand for android professionals, the opportune time is now to be an android developer.

Here’s a list of job titles for Android professionals:

Android Engineer

  • Mobile Lead Software Engineer
  • Android App developers
  • Android Mobile Developer
  • Mobile Architect
  • Mobile Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Mobile Embedded Software Engineer

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