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A LoRa-based Smart Street Lighting System for Smart Cities

Aim:             Aim of this project is smart street lamp for energy efficient using system implemented by ESP8266. Light intensity

A LoRaWAN IoT Enabled Trash Bin Level Monitoring System

Aim: The main aim of the project is to monitor and manage the trash bin in Urban using Lora and

A Novel Approach for a Smart Early Flood Detection and Awareness System using IoT

Aim:                    Our aim is to develop a model which can be fixed to a dam or on the riverbanks

A Novel Model for Optimization of Resource Utilization in Smart Agriculture System Using IoT

Aim:             The mainstay of the project is to monitor the different values of the soil and to correct the

A Smart Home Automation and Metering System Using Internet of Things IoT

Aim:            Aim of this project is IoT based energy calculating and energy meter updating smart home automation system. Introduction:             Enhancement

A vanet-iot based accident detection and Management system for the emergency rescue

Aim:           The aim of this project is biometric sensor based accident speed dial system for the emergency Rescue service

An Analysis of Li-Fi based Prevalent Automated Billing Systems in Shopping Malls

Aim:           Aim of the project is IoT based automated billing machine for shopping malls. This over all process is

An Improved Agriculture Plant Disease Detection and Monitoring Using IOT

Aim:                        The Mainstay of the project is to develop a robot to identify and spray insecticides and hydrate plants.

An IoT-Based Intelligent System for Real-Time Parking Monitoring and Automatic Billing

Aim:           The aim of the project, IOT based fully automated parking system for vehicle parking stations implemented by microcontroller

An IoT-based Sag Monitoring System for Overhead Transmission Lines

Aim:           Aim of this project is automatic transmission line stand fall detection and power monitoring system in agriculture field.

An IoT-Model for Monitoring Irrigated Crops

Aim:           The main goal of our project is to develop a smart farming society using IoT in low cost

Analysis of Smart helmets and Designing an IoT based Smart helmet: A cost effective solution for Riders

Aim:                    Aim of this project is IoT based Interactive Road Safety System for Young Bikers With help of GPS and