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Global Techno Solutions has more than 12 years of experience in software development field and we are a leading solution provider too. We offer career projects for final year students in latest technologies. We are expertise in domains namely Java, VLSI, HTML5, NS2, Embedded Systems and many more.


Our primary services include Web Application development, Debugging, Cloud services, Data mining, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Security , Mobile Application development and many more.


GTS has conducted many workshops on latest technologies and developments. Here are some of them.
• Recent Approach in Energy Management and Saving
• High Performance Computing
• Digital Signal Processing

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Survive And Excel In Life With IOS Projects

Today, with technology ruling the world, iOS projects would be a wise selection for a final year project as this is the most advanced mobile app at present that is easy to understand, robust and widely accepted. iOS is basically a software base which allows other apps to run on an iPad, iPod Touch or […]

Identical Twins

Analysis of Facial Marks to Distinguish Between Identical Twins

Basically, most of the people find difficult to distinguish the identical twins. This becomes a challenging task for many people because; high degree of correlation exists among the twin’s facial expression. So, this project acts as the solution to classify the difference between the identical twins. Facial marks of the twins are used in the […]